How to Find Sharp Flavor Destiny 2

Sharp Flavor in Destiny 2

Rather than hunting for loot, Destiny 2’s Dawning has players bake cookies- after grabbing some loot. As the Dawning includes a twist to the gameplay loops and mechanics in Destiny2, adding in an ingredients series that gamers should gain, they can bake cookies for their wanted NPCs. You will get a gift in return when handing the cookies and that gift consists of some ammo ingredients as loot.

After scoring a final blow, players win a chance to get an ingredient depending on how and what enemy they have defeated. Some ingredients can be easily obtained in Dawning, such as Sharp Flavor and Dark Frosting.

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Here How to Get Sharp Flavor Destiny 2

You will get the Sharp Flavor d2 by killing the enemies with the sword. But it depends on the Sword element as it is not guaranteed drop. So you have to take out quite some enemies with Sword to farm enough Sharp Flavor. And as the players can stop receiving the various ingredients because of inherent RNG in the Dawning system, and with a sword, if you take down the some foes, it will provide a Sharp Flavor steady stream. Populated areas are an excellent spot for farming Sharp Flavor because you can get more kills here. This is a bigger chance to get more ingredients.

If you want to maximize the Sharp Flavor farming, your limiter will be the ammo. The sword is inherently ammo efficient for most players, along with Ammo Finder mods and Scavenger. Without running out of ammo, the players could be hunted for a significant amount of time.

Dares of Eternity also offers a heavy, steady supply thanks to Starhorse’s Favor buff. If you get it consistently on your plate, you should have heavy ammo and many enemies to spend that ammo on.

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