How to Start the Party at Mirage Voyage Apex Legends

Start the Party at Mirage Voyage

Players gain a lot of fun with the Holo-Day Bash live in Apex Legends. From Winter Express Limited Time to Mirage Voyage, Apex Legends is as fun as ever been. It seems that Respawn has some secrets from the community for Holo-Day Bash.

When the event goes live for the first time, if the players Start the Party, they can claim a free G7 Scout holiday skin. How can you start the party in Apex Legend? You will get simple guidelines here.

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Start the Party in Apex Legends

How to start the party in Apex Legends,this secret was discovered by players when they attempted to hop onto the Mirage Voyage. The drop ship has seen a ton of activities since the Town Takeover. So many players thought to loot around the ship before making their way onto it.

Mirage Voyage can be seen all over the map, situated near the Lava Fussure. Multiple ways can be used to get on the ship, but to gain this challenge to start the party, you’ll wish to a path to the top of the ship. After reaching there, a panel should see there that sits across from the Respawn Beacon directly.

Here you have to interact with the panel, and you will see that many Mirage holographs have shown on the ship soon. When you hear the loud air horns and see the holographs, you’ll know that you have completed the challenge. The panel can be hit many times in a match to start the party, but a reset timer is present there.

Free G7 Scout skin you will gain when once the panel hits. The skin is decorated with a Nutcracker’s face red and gold color wave. When you complete the challenge, it will show in your lock.

This is all about how to Start the Party on the Mirage Voyage. Follow the given guidelines and get more fun.

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