How to Start the Party at Mirage Voyage Apex Legends

Start the Party at Mirage Voyage

Mirage Voyage is a location in Apex Legends that was initially featured as a limited-time event during the “Holo-Day Bash” in-game event. If the Mirage Voyage is currently available and you want to start the party on it, here are the steps:

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Start the Party in Apex Legend

Jumpmaster Selection

If you are the Jumpmaster (the player in control of the squad’s descent), choose to drop at the Mirage Voyage when launching from the dropship. You can ping the location on the map to suggest it to your squad.

Drop onto the Mirage Voyage

Navigate your squad to drop onto the Mirage Voyage. As you approach the location, you’ll notice a sizeable airborne platform with the Mirage hologram.

Explore the Mirage Voyage

Once you land, explore the Mirage Voyage. The area usually has festive decorations and offers unique activities and interactions. Look for holographic disco balls, dance floors, and other party-themed elements.

Enjoy the Party

The Mirage Voyage often features music, lights, and other entertaining elements. You can participate in the festivities, interact with the environment, and have fun with your squad and other players in the area.

It’s worth noting that events in Apex Legends, including the Mirage Voyage, are often temporary and may only be available occasionally. 

Respawn Entertainment, the developer of Apex Legends, introduces limited-time events with specific features, which can change with each new update.

To check if the Mirage Voyage is active and learn about new features or events. Visit the official Apex Legends website, follow the game’s social media channels, or check in-game announcements for the latest information. As the game events changed after some time.

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