Buying an Apartment in Park View City Phase 2, Islamabad

parkview city islamabad

After completing Parkview City Islamabad, Vision Group is proud to announce the launch of Park View City Phase-2. This residential project demonstrates Vision Group’s commitment to excellence in real estate development. With modern amenities and facilities, Parkview City Phase-2 aims to set new standards for contemporary living.

Considering investing in Park View City Islamabad Phase 2? We have compiled a helpful article with 8 reasons to take a closer look before deciding. 

Top 8 Benefits of Buying in Park View City Phase 2, Islamabad

We’ve listed the top 8 benefits of investing in Park View City Phase 2, Islamabad. Please review them below to decide if you should invest.

Ideal Location

One of Park View City Phase 2’s biggest attractions is its prime location in Islamabad, Pakistan. The housing society is close to the lush Margalla Hills, providing its residents with breathtaking views and a peaceful environment away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Moreover, Park View City Phase 2 has convenient access to major roads and highways, making it easily accessible from schools, hospitals, shopping centers, and other amenities. This makes it a perfect choice for families desiring a tranquil and convenient living place.

Investment Potential Better ROI

Park View City Phase 2 presents a great investment opportunity for real estate investors. This project is situated in one of the most sought-after areas of Islamabad and is expected to increase in value. Furthermore, the developers of Park View City Phase 2 have a proven track record of delivering high-quality infrastructure and amenities, which enhances its investment potential.

Considering its prime location, projected value appreciation, and the developers’ commitment to delivering on their promises, investing in Park View City Phase 2 is a secure and profitable investment opportunity that promises a good return on investment for years.

Luxurious Amenities

Another reason to invest in Park View City Phase 2 is the premium amenities it offers to residents. The housing society boasts well-maintained parks and playgrounds, fitness centers, swimming pools, and other recreational options that provide residents with a high quality of life. Additionally, 24/7 security surveillance ensures residents feel safe and secure.

For investors, these top-notch amenities make Park View City Phase 2 an attractive option for rental properties. With high-quality facilities and a desirable location, properties in this housing society have solid rental potential, which can aid investors in making a constant stream of rental income while benefiting from property appreciation in the long run.

Affordable Payment Plan 

The payment plan for Park View City Phase 2 is very affordable, with minimal and reasonable rates. You can pay a 25% down payment and the balance over 2 years through an installment plan. Currently, pre-booking is available at estimated rates.

Modern Infrastructure 

Park View City Islamabad Phase 2 boasts modern infrastructure designed to meet the developing requirements of residents. From well-planned road networks to advanced drainage systems and reliable utilities, the project prioritizes quality construction and sustainable development. This commitment to modern infrastructure ensures a high standard of living for residents. It enhances the overall appeal and value of the community as a premier destination for real estate investment.

Nearby Landmarks  

A collection of landmarks and attractions enriches Park View City Phase 2 in Islamabad, enhancing residents’ lifestyles and investment potential. From the accessibility of T-Chowk and Rawat to the amenities of Bahria Town and DHA nearby, each locale offers convenience.

Giga Mall provides shopping and entertainment, while Bani Gala adds natural charm. Planned amenities within Park View City Phase 2, like IMAX Cinemas and Commercial Walk, promise luxury and convenience. 

Rapidly Developing Area 

Park View City Islamabad Phase 2’s location in a rapidly developing area makes it an excellent long-term investment opportunity. As surrounding infrastructure, amenities, and services continue to grow and improve, the value of properties within Park View City will likely appreciate over time. This makes investing in Park View City Phase 2 an attractive opportunity for those seeking stable returns and capital growth in the real estate market.

Secure Environment 

The additional benefit for any project is its separate gated community. The investors may know that this adds security and is beneficial in many ways, especially in Pakistan. Park View City is an entirely separate gated community with 24/7 CCTV coverage to make the area even safer. 


Park View City Phase 2 in Islamabad offers an exciting investment option for individuals interested in purchasing plots. The location of Park View City Phase 2 is highly advantageous for investors, given that Islamabad is a rapidly growing city with a strong economy and a high demand for housing. As a result, properties in Park View City Phase 2 are expected to appreciate over time, providing investors with excellent returns on their investment.