Black Friday: Where To Find Best Black Friday Deals of This Season

black friday 2019 where to find the best deals

Since summer is waving us goodbyes, and fall is creeping slowly, there are some exciting things coming. No, we are not only talking about the holiday season but the perks it comes with, such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. 

When is Black Friday? 

As per the tradition, Black Friday is considered the last Friday of November. Therefore, this time in 2019, the Black Friday is noted to be on 29th November. Well, as we have experienced it from the past few years that Black Friday sales and deals aren’t just a one-day affair now. They have stretched to weeks-long before and after the actual Black Friday, plus how can we forget Thanksgiving and Christmas being merged with it. 

If you are thinking about getting something new, we’ll suggest waiting. It is almost time for prices going incredibly down, and surely you don’t want to regret your decision later. Well, we are all 

aware of how our hearts rip down when seeing a discounted price on something that we recently bought, been there, done that! 

Which Black Friday Deals To Eye For? 

In the very beginning, TVs and Laptops were the main charms of Black Fridays. However, this is not the case now. You can see everything from a makeup store to a tech store, putting up some deals or sales around that time. If you are splurging, it is better to splurge on something worthy enough. Black Friday isn’t just an ordinary sale; it is “THE SALE” of the year. Therefore, tech gadgets and devices are your best bet on this sale. Whether you need a phone upgrade or just a new pair of earphones, Black Friday is your guy! 

Here, we have done a little homework and predicted some best deals you can possibly get on Black Friday: 

Black Friday Amazon Deals 

What retailer can offer you the best deals on thousands of items and have the items delivered in a couple of days? Amazon is the only one. Some of the most in-demand items get such compelling bargains that you can’t simply run away from the offers. 

What to know what’s on the menu this time around? It’s everything! Especially if you’re a fan of Alexa, which is run by Amazon itself, you can finally own that device for your own and have a great addition to your household. And, believe me, when I say it, these devices are incredibly worthy of your money! 

The tempting black Friday sales on gadgets and smartphones make these items the quick-sellers. So, if you want to stack up on your gadget inventory or get a brand new cellphone, get in line. Amazon has a history of raking in sales and all items being sold out in hours! 

What else? TVs? Home appliances? Laptops? You got that too. Like I said before, these black Friday deals include everything you could ever wish for in a sale! 

Black Friday Walmart Deals 

Walmart ranks second amongst retailers with the best deals and packages on Black Friday. This weekend-long sale isn’t only limited to physical stores but can also be availed online. Most sales from Walmart target items or appliances which are commonly used by people. 

That means you can get almost everything at a very economical rate. This includes everything from high-end, 4K, OLED TVs to microwaves, gaming consoles to home automation systems like Google Home devices, and Fitbits for a healthier lifestyle. 

So, scouring Walmart for the best deals won’t be disappointing you anytime soon. Also, the retailer also provides tons of deals on Cyber Monday; targeting the hottest gadgets or appliances in the industry at that time! 

Black Friday Gaming Deals 

You might have heard some news in the air about PS5 and Xbox Project Scarlett launch lining up next year. If it’s true, it leaves a huge possibility of the previous models, such as the PS4 and Xbox One S, and Xbox One X are going to be on amazing deals. There might not be a huge price discount. However, there will be some exciting deals as buy one get one free or amazing bundles of games with the console. Well, whatever it is, it is still a great purchase rather than buying it at full price. 

Black Friday Apple Deals 

While Apple being infamous for its hefty prices, people are always at a watch out to get some discounts on that. 


Evident from history, Apple iPads have been put up on decent sales on Black Fridays. However, with the newer launches such as iPad for 2019 and iPad Mini 5, it is a possibility that these might go on sale as well. Even if they don’t, it is close to sure that the 2018 model will make its way to a decent price tag after the sale. 

iPhone 11 

Apple has made this a new ‘thing,’ that they come up with one budget phone and two high-end phones. Last year it was iPhone XR, and this year, it is clearly iPhone 11. iPhone XR, although being a newer phone, was seen up for sales last year, despite being a budget phone, people took benefit of few dollars off. Similarly, we are looking forward to this year’s iPhone 11 up on shelves for good sales. 


Black Friday is the best time to splurge on some expensive budget, take our word for that! MacBook, let’s be honest, is quite pricey when it comes to laptop, and if you are an Apple Geek, you clearly know the urge to get it despite the heavy price tag. So, here is good news for you! You can get a MacBook Air or Macbook Pro at a huge discounted price. And, when we say huge, it means somewhere between $100-$500 discounts on current generation Apple Laptops. 


You get the memo from this, right? This year’s Black Friday deals are probably the best deals you’ve ever seen with hundreds of items on sale. Get your wallets ready, and get down to shop your hearts out after a thankful dinner with your family on 29th November. 

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