How do you Fix Helldivers 2 Black Screen on Startup

Helldivers 2 Black Screen

Helldivers2 is an exciting game, but it can irritate the player due to the Helldivers 2 black screen error. Although it is a frustrating error while playing the game, you can fix it with these simple steps.

Helldivers 2 Masters of the Galaxy” is a sequel to the game Helldivers, made by Arrowhead Game Studios. It’s a top-down shooter game where players work together to complete missions. Set in a future where the world is humorously exaggerated and controlled, players are part of Helldivers. They are elite soldiers on dangerous missions to keep “Super Earth” safe from alien enemies. The game is all about teaming up with others, either in person or online, to fight off these threats. So, the gamer’s face screen goes black while playing Helldivers 2.

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Here’s How to Fix Helldivers 2 Black Screen on Startup

Restart your Device

Sometimes, temporarily damaged files create errors, which can cause Helldivers 2 black screen errors. To fix the error, clear the cache and restart your PC. 

Server Loading Problem

It is a favorite game of many players, so when gamers play simultaneously, there can be a server loading problem, as you also see the message Server at Capacity. So, it takes time to start the game because it requires time to contact a server. So you have to wait for it as the servers are full. 

Restart the Game

When you relaunch the game, it resolves many issues. So, after relaunching the game, check if the black screen error is resolved. 

Change the Screen Settings to Enable Full Screen in Helldivers 2

It is also a solution to resolve the black screen error. Set Helldivers 2 to borderless window mode before closing it. Then, when you open the game again, you can easily switch it back to full screen without any issues.

To do this, Right-click the Helldivers 2 executable file in the game directory. Go to the properties and then compatibility. Check the Disable full-screen optimizations and make the changes. 

Verify the Game Files

Damaged or missing files create problems, so you need to verify them. Go to the Steam Library of Helldivers 2, right-click the game, choose properties, go to the Installed Files, and then click on Verify integrity of game files.

Fix the Graphic Problems

If the game launches but displays only a black screen, you might need to fix the graphic setting, which might resolve the problem. 

  • NVIDIA graphics card users should turn off the Image Scaling feature in the NVIDIA Control Panel. This could resolve the problem. 
  • AMD Radeon 7000 series graphics users, you have to wait for the developer’s solution. There might be developers working on resolving issues. 

Edit Helldivers 2 Config File

You need to edit the config file and stop the game from launching in fullscreen. 

In File Explorer, go to C: users/[yourusername]/appdata/roaming/arrowhead/helldivers2. Find the user_settings.config file and remove it. Now open the config file using Notepad and change the full-screen field. 

All the solutions are easy and will resolve your problem if Helldivers 2 shows a black screen on startup.