How to Fix Mafia 3 Cutscene Crashes and Black Screen

How to Fix Mafia 3 Cutscene Crashes and Black Screen Issues

Mafia 3 is the latest released game. Mafia 3 player shared an experience of some problems by playing this hit game. Recently, the officials gave the solution for the fourth upgrade to fix the 30 FPS cap. This is not only one issue; even the users complain about more problems. These issues make it irritating when Mafia 3 won’t launch. So here we will discuss Mafia 3 Cutscene Crashes and Black Screen issues.

This problem mainly faces Windows 10 users; while playing the game, the Mafia 3 crashes on startup, and even the system refuses to start at all the experience of the Mafia 3 black screen. According to user experience, here are some solutions to fix the issue on your own before the officials explain why the Mafia3 is not launching.

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1. Install The Visual C++ Redistributable

Install the Visual C++ Redistributable is an update to Windows 10, a beneficial solution for the player facing such a problem. Moreover, this offers a series of other important updates.

2. Use the NVidia’s Drivers

When you face such problems, the NVidias video card provides full support when you try a game. First, open it, start a game, and refresh it to update the launcher. After that, on the top-down menu, Mafia 3 will show and allow you to install a series of requested drivers. Ensure the latest version of Nvidia Drivers is available.

3. A Windows 10 Anniversary Update

As the windows automatically update on the system, this auto installation can trick the PC. Or the incomplete installation can be harmless for the inner working system of the PC. In this situation, keep a backup of the latest files. From the setting, the menu moves to the “Update & Security” function and tap the “Windows Update” to install the available latest version.

4. Restart the Windows Explorer

This is a straightforward step to resolve the issue, and you need to open the Task Manager by pressing the ctrl, alt, delete and choose the processes option; now select “Windows Explorer” and click on Restart. Within no time, your issue will be fixed.

Final Words:

A straightforward tip to Fix Mafia 3 Crashes and Black Screen Issues. Fix the issues and enjoy your game a lot.

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