How to Setup PPTP VPN Windows 10

to Setup PPTV VPN Windows 10

The PPTP is an unsecured source, and its developers also didn’t allow you to use it. But these short guidelines help you out set up PPTP VPN Windows 10. you will also know why this source is unsafe.

Setup PPTP VPN Windows 10

PPTP VPN settings on Windows 10 is a very easy and simple task that you can do in few minutes with several available options.

Method 1. You can manually set up PPTP windows 10.

1.            Open the VPN Settings by typing the VPN in the search bar and click on the VPN settings

2.            Make a click on the + icon for adding a VPN connection. 

3.            Now select the Windows by the VPN provider, Suggest a name for connection and type in the VPN Server IP.

4.            Now choose the VPN protocol as PPTP.

5.            For PPTP connection enter the user name and Password. 6. Now save it and connect.

Method 2. Use an App for VPN that can organize a PPTP VPN tunnel.

Method 3. Setup PPTP on the router and connect the Window device with the VPN router.

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PPTP Advantages and Disadvantages

 The Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol is developed by a Microsoft initiative, added in all Windows versions of Windows 95 as well. So for VPN connection, this is the most used protocol.

PPTP has many considerable features such as PPTP is very fast and simple to set up. Because the PPTP VPN protocol can use the limited processing power devices and the application with fast processing such as audio and video streaming apps.

Accordingly, PPTP is not more available on Apple macOS10.12 and above as it has been removed. But still, the PPTP is used on Andriod, Linux and Windows.

How to Setup PPTP on Router

If you want to use the PPTP protocol using VPN on various devices, you can set up the PPTP connection on the router.

For PPTP setup on router follow these simple guidelines.

1.            First of all login into the admin area of the router.

2.            Now open the VPN setting page and search the PPTP. 

3.            Now set the PPTP Parameters then save it.

4.            Now connect Windows devices to the router and check the VPN connection.

How to Change PPTP VPN Server Location

By following these guidelines you can easily change the newly set up PPTP VPN.

1.            Go to the VPN menu and click Open Network & Internet settings then on the left make a click on the VPN, then tap on the PPTP VPN and then make a click on the Advanced options.

2.            Make a click on the Edit under the Connection properties.

3.            Now change the address or server name and enter the new wanted server address. and click on the Save to complete the process.

You have done all and now you can enjoy all the content out there.

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