How to Find Buried Treasure Minecraft

how to find buried treasure in minecraft

You are now tired of travelled various biomes but still wonder about the buried treasures. By exploring the treasure map, you can easily find the buried Treasure.

That’s the place where Minecraft Treasure Finder Guide gets. To find the treasure chest digs a few blocks. The treasure chests contain the saddles in Minecraft also.

Minecraft How Deep is Buried Treasure.

The buried treasures are 3 to 6 blocks deep down. To get the Treasure, dig the 2 meters of radius surrounding the X mark. You cannot find the exact location just with treasure maps. Maps show monuments and structures only.

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What is Minecraft Buried Treasure

Buried Treasure is a naturally produced structure be formed of a buried loot chest. You can find it rarely on the ocean floor and mostly on beaches. The only source of the heart of the sea is buried Treasure, and it can be utilized to craft a conduit.  It can be found with a treasure map.

What is Treasure Maps in Minecraft?

Treasure maps show the destination to find the buried Treasure in Minecraft. Treasure maps can be found almost in sunken shipwrecks.

Minecraft Shipwreck Chest Locations

Shipwreck in Minecraft can be found underwater. They are like destroyed ships in shape; you can find at least one chest here. 

Steps to Find the Buried Treasure in Minecraft

Find out a Shipwreck

Find the shipwreck in River, ocean, and Beach biomes. Although ships spawn underwater but sometimes, you can find it in a beach biome.

How to Find Treasure chest Map in minecraft

Every shipwreck has up to 3 chests, and it depends on the shipwreck size: supply chest, Treasure chest, and Map chest.

To find the Buried Treasure, you have to look for the Map chest in the shipwreck.

Open up the map chest and move the Buried treasure map to the inventory.

Look for a Treasure Map

By using the map, find the location of Buried Treasure. The white dot indicates the directions and shows you the location which you are facing. The red X icon tells the location of Buried Treasure. So please move to the Buried Treasure. Map details will fill in as you move near to it.

Go to the Buried Treasure Location

When the white dot is in the same position as the red X icon, here is the Buried Treasure.

Start Digging to Find the Buried Chest

Continue digging till you find the chest. How fast you can find it depends on your luck.

Open Buried Chest

Open the chest now and move the Buried Treasure to inventory. So here you can find the Buried Treasure in Minecraft.

Final Words

We hope that now you can easily find the buried Treasure in Minecraft. You are aware of many of the steps, so digging and enjoy loot from the buried treasure chests.

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