How Many Bookshelves for Level 30 Enchantments Minecraft

how many bookshelves for level 30

Minecraft is full of Zombies, mobs and wild monsters. For players, it can be a great challenge to deal with it if they don’t have enough resources against them. The most effective item in Minecraft is the bookshelf. Players use this resource to make better their resources to reach the top level of enchantment. Because the top enchantment level enables you to achieve the most efficient tools, armors and weapons in Minecraft world. Know how does it work?

You should have fifteen bookshelves to reach level 30 the highest enchantment level. To make just one, you have to keep the fifteen bookshelves surrounding the enchanting table and keep bookshelves near to each other. Keep enchanting tables along with one block high bookshelves and leave the space in the perimeter. For this purpose, you can use planks also.

you can know about enchantment levels from the number of bookshelves in Minecraft. For level 2 one bookshelf is required, and for level 30 fifteen bookshelves are required. So it is simple to make, find, craft, mine and use the bookshelves in Minecraft world. more is here about the interesting information of level 30 enchantments in Minecraft. After reading this you will be able to reach the level 30 enchantments very easily.

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How Many Bookshelves for Level 30 You Need

One bookshelf for two-level you need and bring this number to fifteen bookshelves for level 30 enchantments. You have to get experience points to increase something. Experience points help you out to increase the different resources such as armors, books, weapons in your Minecraft world.

But how you can get these experience points is still not in your knowledge. The below-mentioned steps help you to do this.

  • You can get the significant experience points by killing the wild creatures.
  • Smelting the food and iron enhance the enchantment level.
  • Mining tools also allow you to get the more experience points or XP and can gain the highest level of enchantment.
  • Fishing with a fishing rod also helps you out to get the experience points.
  • You can get many experience points by breeding animals or fishing.
  • If you will kill the dragon you can get greatest experience points.
  • Fighting the skeletons and mobs also increase your experience points.
  • Enchant command can also use for the increasing points.
  • Trading with villagers also increase the points.
  • Deleting an enchantment from one of tools also serve you the same.

How to Get Bookshelves for Level 30 Enchantments?

to decorate the enchantment table the bookshelves are the essential and useful tool. They can also use to make the enchanting table more powerful. But the actual need and benefits of getting bookshelves in Minecraft are what. You will know here.  

These bookshelves will be required to have better-enchanted items and tools. these can also utilize to maximize the number of drops from enemies. Find them in villages, libraries and some other relevant places in Minecraft. For these bookshelves, you have to collect few things as raw material. Material included:

  • Crafting table
  • Three books for a bookshelf
  • Six wooden planks for a bookshelf

More methods can be used to get bookshelves

Step 1

  • Collect the blocks and move to your enchanting table.
  • The enchanting table will be in the middle of the square.
  • Place the bookshleves close to each other and the outline must be 5×5 square.
  • When you compare a crafting table then bookshelves should be high one block then crafting table.

With this method, you will gain bookshelves for level 30 enhancements.

Step 2

This is the best method to craft the bookshelves for enchantment maximum level. You need 6 planks and 3 books for one bookshelf, and 15 bookshelves require 45 books and ninety planks.

Follow the steps to proceed to make one bookshelf.

  • Use any Plank for bookshelves as you feel easy.
  • You should have a 3×3 crafting grid
  • Now six planks put in the first and last row of the grid
  • The middle row of the crafting table fill with books
  • Must keep all the items in exact positions.
  • The bookshelves will be at the top right corner of the inventory slot
  • Now move it to the Minecraft creative mode.
  • Now bookshelf is ready to use
  • Do the same until you gain the 15 bookshelves
  • You have made 15 bookshelves for level 30 enchantments
  • Don’t forget to place all the bookshelves one block high from the crafting table.

What Number of Bookshelves for Enchantment Table?

An enchantment table required 15 bookshelves for level 30 enchantments. So you have to keep 15 bookshelves around the enchantment table. They should be one block high from the table. You will gain the maximum enchantment table.

What Number of Bookshelves for Maximum Enchantment? 

The highest enchantment level is level 30 that you can get in your virtual gaming in the Minecraft world. All the players try to craft various items, improve them or mine them to reach the maximum enchantment. A player needs to access the maximum enchantment level to increase more its experience points. It is not easy for every player to exceed this level. The only way to do this is by trading, mining, battling with enemies, using various effective enchantments, and killing the monsters and deadly mobs.

What Number of Levels Does A Level 30 Enchant Take?

To gain the level 30 enchant, you have to spend almost three levels. Your tools and weapons make you faster and efficient with level 30 enchantment, and it enables you to defend yourself in a better way. At level 3, most enchantments have the maximum enchanting capacity. These things are like magic in Minecraft.  The thorns, silk touch, respiration, and fortune are the highest level of level 3 enchantments.

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