Simple Fixes to Discord Changing Avatar too Fast Error

Discord Changing Avatar too Fast Error

Discord is the most useful for gamers, so it has got the highest level of popularity. It enables the gamer to keep in touch with each other and create live chat. It is now available with the best features that others are not offering.

How to Fix Discord Changing Avatar too Fast?

So the Discord is not working all the time properly. Its reliability is one of the powers it boasts; there might be bugs and glitches that are baffling. When you face an error “Discord you are changing your avatar too fast.

So, various things can change the avatar. Here are some fixes that help you out how to change avatar too fast.

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Wait for quite a while

The first issue that occurs due to the time of avatar editing; Discord doesn’t allow you to edit the avatar 3 or 4 times in a minute, try to change it after 1 or 2 minutes. If you are doing too fast then you will face an error. so, just rest your profile and wait for few minutes.

Now change the avatar after 5 minutes, now you will do it without any problem. If still, you are facing the problem, then apply the other fixes.

Optimize Avatar before saving

Mostly the images around the Discord are in a square position. It can also happen that you are updating the avatar in the wrong position. Like other online platforms first, crop the image or rotate it to change the avatar fast. If you will change the picture many times in less time, then the error notification appears “Discord you are changing your avatar too fast.”

So here you need to plan out the image before setting the Discord profile picture. You will be enabled to save the avatar when you have uploaded the avatar rightfully and adequately.

Make the change as you want but to save it, don’t forget to click the save icon when you are sure to Discord avatar.

Restart Devices are using for Discord

Changing avatar too fast Discord error can be shown due to a few bugs and confusion. Just restart the device to fixes the bugs, glitches and confusion errors Discord.

To fix the Discord avatar error on a computer device, restart it by

  • Click the Windows button on your desktop. Then a menu will appear. 
  • Now click the Power button, and click the Restart option to reboot the computer.

Delete and reinstall the Discord app

If you have done the above-mentioned fixes and still facing the error “you are changing your avatar too fast,” it seems like something went wrong with the Discord app. Here you have to delete and reinstall the app to fix the problem.

To fix the Discord avatar change error, delete the Discord app and reinstall it from Discord’s official website.

  • In the search box type Control, and from the search results, make a click on Control Panel. The control panel can be open directly from the Run window. Press the Windows and R key to open the Run utility, type Control, and click on Enter.
  • In the Control Panel window, change the View by entering the category. Under the Programs section, make a click on Uninstall a program. To finish the uninstallation, follow the on-screen instructions.
  • After completed the uninstallation go to the Discord official website and click on the Download icon. Discord will auto-download on your device. after that, follow the prompted guidelines to install it.
  • Now start and logging in Discord account, you will see the change avatar error has been resolved.
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