How to Make Roles in Discord, Manage and Delete

How to Make Roles in Discord

The most famous chat and text network in online gamers is Discord. It offers many best features, simple to use and is best customizable. Along with all the best features, it also enables assigning and managing user roles in the chat server.

Here is all about how to add roles, manage and delete in Discord.

What are Discord Roles?

 The role in Discord is positions of permission with a name. As a default role knows as “@everyone,” it enables a vast range of basic permissions such as talking and reading the messages on the Server.

A server administrator created a role known as “Moderator,” which enables to ban or mute other users. In this process, different are assigned to users and those who have both @everyone and Moderator roles will have all the powers of @everyone and the powers of Moderator.

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How to Make Roles in Discord

Manage the users on the Discord server is depends on setting up the roles correctly. The best idea is that before inviting the people on the Server, first have created the primary role. Follow these simple steps on how to make a new role in Discord.  

  •   Log in to Discord, then enable Server.
  • Choose a small dropdown arrow at the right of the server name and tap the “Server Settings.”
  • In the left pane make a click on “Roles”. A single role will appear called @everyone.
  • To add a role, click on the “+” icon at the top of the centre pane.
  • Assign a name for role something descriptive and give it a color
  • Now reviews all 32 permissions that appear on screen and choose just one you want to be associated with the recent role.

Now save it by selecting the Save Changes. In case of forgetting it, a popup box will remind you to do this.

Repeat this process for creating a new role.

For every role, you have to assign different permission levels. It enables you to make a hierarchy according to the trust.

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How to Assign Roles in Discord

Now you have created the roles on the Server and assign them to users in chat.

  • From the right-hand pane choose a user to assign a role
  • Under the username, choose the small “+” then select the role on the menu.
  • Repeat this process for every user on Server.

A quick way to add a role is just right-click the user, choose the Roles and make a click on role and add in your wanted pop-out menu. Add the role of how much you want to add for every user.

How to Manage Roles in Discord

You can do it if you want to change the role names and permissions or join more members.

Below are the guidelines on how to manage the roles you have created. 

  • Open the Roles page in Server Settings; there will be all the created role lists.
  • You can see that a created role is assigned to how many members. You can manage the members tab in the role editor by clicking this number. From here, you can see members names added and removed from the role.
  • On the main Roles page, a pencil icon also can be click whenever hover over a role to be brought to the role editor.
  • After finishing the editing process on Discord roles, make a click on the green Save Change button.

There is also a default role be created automatically, the @everyone role. This is part of the Server and applies to all. You can edit this role go to the role editor for any of the current roles, and then select the @everyone role on the sidebar.

How to Remove Roles on Discord

Sometimes you need to delete the roles in Discord when you could not assign them. So here are the steps on how to Delete Roles in Discord.

  • Choose a small dropdown arrow next to Server, than choose “Server Settings.”
  • In the left pane, choose the “Roles” and then select the role to delete.
  • Now scrolling down and click the “Delete [role name]” icon.

Complete it by clicking “Okay.”

Assigning Roles on Discord Mobile

In the same way, you can Assign Roles on Discord Mobile as of the desktop application and very simple to assign.

  • From the “Settings,” scrolling down and go to “Members.”
  • Make a click on the usernames you want to assign a created role to.
  • Click on the checkbox next to every member’s name for role you’re assigning.

How to Edit Roles in Discord Mobile

Move to Server’s settings and click on the ‘Roles’ just as mentioned above; for next follow these steps

  •   Click on the role you want to edit
  •   Scrolling throughout the list, make the changes you need.

These mentioned guidelines will keep the Discord server well organized and productive.


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