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How to access Discord Overlay in Game

Discord Overlay

Do you want to know a reliable network that you can give access to simultaneously video/voice chat, helpful to Game streaming on PC and keep you connected with friends all along with games?

What is Discord Overlay?

Discord is an excellent messaging software to connect game lovers and have lots of features. You can download free of cost on any Computer. Before using, you have to sign up here. After logging in, you will be allowed to use all Discord’s features. Its includes in games overlay.

What is Discord Overlay and how to use Discord overly and what does overly do in Discord, how you can get an advantage and how you can play games with it? You will learn all about Discord here. 


What is Discord Overlay in Game and How to Get Discord Overlay?

During the Game streaming online, you can use it for voice chatting and messaging. It is straightforward to use, and you can open and close it when you want, even during the midst of the Game.

By using this feature, you can easily get connected with other users. You can chat during the Game. By using Discords in game overlay, you can very easily use this feature and customizable it to your preferences. Discord overlay can be used with only games you select, and Overlay Discord shows up over the Game. You can set this feature completely invisible.

How to Open Discord in Game

Before starting the Game, learn how to turn on discord overlay, go to Discord and make a click on the User Settings. Next to the user name, there will be a gear icon at the bottom of the window.

Below the app settings, make a click on the option of Overlay, By clicking the slider Toggle Enable In-Game Overlay. By clicking the keyboard icon below the Toggle Overlay Lock, you can also change the button combination that brings up the Overlay in Game.

You can change the settings to stop the notification during the playing games, display names, other users, and avatars.

After that, go to the Game Activity under the App Settings. A list will show that have connected to Discord. If you don’t find any list there, you can join a game by open it and then at the top, make a click on the Add it. You can there connect different gaming platform, steam Discord Overlay account to see the games. You can do this by clicking the Connection below the User Settings.

Next to the Game, there will be a computer icon. You can use the Overlay to be off or on the specific Game. Before starting a game, make sure the Overlay is on for the games.

By using the Overlay start the Game, you want to play. To open the Overlay, you can use the shortcut Shift+ and more shortcuts to open the Overlay.

How to Use the Discord Overlay

To know how to enable discord overlay, Use the Discord Overlay When you open the Overlay, you can now open any chats and get more channels and users to start a discussion.

 By using Overlay, you can do voice chat Discord video Overlay or simply messaging. If you want to start a voice chat, then click on the phone icon at the top right. It all depends on the settings for the Overlay. The user name will show when starting a voice chat. You can see all the users in the above-left corner; you can move the chatbox anywhere on the screen.

If you want to open a chat, then pin it and can close the Overlay. For this, make a click on the thumbtack icon at the top of the window. The conversation detaches from the sidebar, and you can now quickly move the chatbox and resize it to interrupt the Game.

You can type in the chat by clicking the] key, another key you can also set for this action to in Disorder or discord overlay hotkey. For changing the Opacity of the chatbox, select the Opacity at the top right and slide the bar to get your wanted opacity level.

The second option is to stream the Game over Discord. If you have the server channel, click on the computer icon in the bottom corner next to the title of the Game. by doing this, you can play Game over the server.

During the playing Game, you can also change the settings of the Discord overlay or move discord overlay. Once the Game is opened, you can navigate the gear icon to open the scenes. In the same way, you can also change the overlay settings in the main program of Discord.

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