How to Watch Sports on Kodi- Best Sports Addons of the Year


Watching sports, movies, and TV serials is much more entertaining when you have all the resources in hand and some spare time. Kodi is a streaming app that offers high-quality videos, whereas to reach out to more resources. You need to install add-ons. Following are some of the applications that are considered the most demanding and offer to watch Sports on Kodi users who need to catch live events. 

You can install these addons on all the versions of Kodi

Exodus Sports

Exodus has brilliantly replaced Genesis because it comes up with unmatched streaming quality and the addition of multiple resources. It is developed by the same company that created Genesis, but this one is equipped with the latest technology to let the users enjoy distortion from videos. The presence of highly appraised features has made Exodus a demanding add-on for all Kodi users. Every day, more and more users download it to enjoy the natural charm of online streaming on their devices.

Channel Primewire

Among the most popular add-ons for the Kodi application, this year includes 1Channel Primewire. With lots of added attraction, this add-on offers plenty of features to users not present in similar applications. The Kodi application may require much customization, but 1Channel Primewire frees you from such a hectic job. You don’t need to worry about personalization settings. In addition to Exodus, this app is a must-have for online stream lovers.

UK Turks Playlists

When browsing a limitless variety of content on Kodi, UK Turks Playlists is the add-on that comes first in mind. It boasts endless video content that starts with kids’ entertainment. Like a cartoon and takes the lead in informational documentaries for the young. The exhibition extends to a series of comedy shows to give you a dose of health and wellness, whereas you can look into the fitness shows assisted by top trainers. It is undoubtedly an all-in-one deal for the users to access many genres and interests within a single application.

Specto is regarded as a follow-up add-on to Genesis and seems to be its replacement due to its numerous working links to video resources. Like how people used to browse a massive collection of videos in Genesis, the same is available in the Specto add-on, with extended support and access. Compiling link resources proves to be a full-fledged entertainment solution for the entire family. It allows you to stream TV shows and movies directly on your device, which is recommended to watch with the whole family. You have complete control over what to play and what not to play.

Velocity Sports Addon

Velocity is going famously because of many reasons. One among them is the ease and simplicity of using this add-on. People who are pretty familiar with technology gadgets and their applications may not face problems in installing and operating such add-ons, whereas a layman needs more ease in terms of the user interface. Velocity is the one that is focused so that a common man can easily use it. Additionally, there is a great variety of content with improved stability, making it a top-notch add-on for Kodi users. In continuation of its minimalist design, the application offers two versions. One is for kids, and the other is for mature users.


SALTS add-on is the abbreviation of ‘Stream All The Sources’ that makes its purpose quite familiar to the common users. The streaming sources are included in abundance. It is a proud product of developers who have created It is regarded as one of the best alternatives to Genesis which is no more in use. SALTS is developed with ease of benefit so that everyone can install it without acquiring expert knowledge or skills.

Phoenix Kodi Addon

Phoenix is a market leader for its brilliant quality and abundance of content. In other applications, the users may get bored after a month or two as they might watch the entire collection, but Phoenix has to offer something extraordinary in terms of content. It is developed and backed by a brilliant team of developers who succeeded after creating a Mashup add-on. Delivering sharp-quality online streaming is a valuable feature that makes this app a must-have for Kodi users. Furthermore, it allows the users to select a bit rate for streaming according to their connection. So you can enjoy high-quality content regardless of your weak connection.  

It is one of the satisfying add-ons with a comprehensive list of resources and classification of videos that makes watching movies and shows with a single click. It perfectly combines the content from different resources like ZemTV and Prosport. The amalgamation of resources makes it easier for the users to watch the content in a centralized application rather than visiting each website separately. It also serves various sports content extracted from channels like ESPN, Sky Sports, Euro Sports, Fox Sports, etc.  

Adrian Sports

Adrian Sports add-on is made to simplify searching for content within your Kodi application. It collects and organizes content with easy navigation for the end-user. The core categories include Live Matchday, Live Events, Matchday Backup, and 24/7 Sports. This add-on empowers you to search for different kinds of sports and their live matches. Whether motorsports, soccer, or basketball. The live broadcasts are scheduled under the head of ‘Live Events’. At the same time, the sports channels are classified in the 24/7 Sports section. This allows you to chase the live events of your favourite sports.

Pro Sport

Pro Sport is one of the well-organized videos and live streaming resources for Kodi users. This add-on showcases videos from a variety of resources. It is limited to a few channels that offer live coverage of events. The primary resources include NBA games, NFL Games, NHL Games, My Subreddits, and archives. 

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