Top 19 Addons to Watch Sports and Football Premier League Kodi

Kodi sports and football addons

These days streaming live sports channels on Kodi are very as there is plenty of sports content and matches played on a regular basis. Due to the high demand for sports content on Kodi, sports addons are introducing on regular basis from almost all the addons developers. But accessing sports content on Kodi is not that easy as there are few unfortunate things also associated with sports Kodi addons that you might need to look at before moving ahead.

Although these are not that important, still as a regular user, you need to be aware of all the changes happening in the Kodi world.

There is a crackdown against some live streaming sports addons on Kodi such as Phoenix is no more available for end-users and the same is the case for various other addons.

In recent times lots of sports addons have been on the radar of some ISPs, hence for the new users, it is a little bit hard to find the best and the most reliable Kodi addon to watch any sports context live on their devices.  Luckily, there are few Kodi football addons that are still alive and can be used to watch any match from the Football Premier league across the world.

List of Best Addons for kodi premier league and Sports

Here are few drops from the ocean of sports Kodi addons for watching Football leagues, you can go through our selected list of addons from this blog and install your favourite one. In order to install any addon from here, please click on the link to detailed the installation guide and you will be redirected to the comprehensive install guide on our website for that particular addon.

Below in this article, we have mentioned the top 15 best Kodi addons for sports and football Kodi addons if you want how to watch football League online on Kodi.

List of Best Sports Addons for How to Watch Premier League on Kodi

1. USTVNow Plus

US TV Now is a great resource for all those Kodi users who are looking for US-based sports content. This is one of the best addons with major US networks and TV channels. With the help of this add-on you can access Fox, NBC, CBS, ABC etc.

2. Scheme Streams

If you look at the structure of the Scheme Streams Kodi addon then you will come to an end that this addon is designed for Football fans in particular. So if you are looking for sports content especially for Football.

3. Supremacy Sports

Supremacy is a famous sports addon for Kodi with sections for Acestream, Live Sports Channels, Football Documentaries Live Events, UKTV Sports,  Sports Movies, WWE etc.

4. cCloud TV

cCloud Kodi addons mix content for everyone including a section for sports. cCloud really focuses to offer something for Kodi users. It offers you various types of international content including sports that you might not find in any other addon in your library.

5. Deceit

The Deceit Kodi addon allows you to find sports, movies, the latest releases and lots of other important stuff online in one single place. If you are looking for a golden sports addon, then try out 

6. Joker Sports

This is an all in one Kodi addon. Joker Sports allows you to watch live sports channels, Sports IPTV, IPTV Premier league, Sports highlights, Acestrea Sports channels, International sports in HD, Mobdro Sports channels and much more sports-related content in great picture quality.

7. Pro Sport

If you are a big fan and a die-hard follower of NBA and NHL then try out and install Pro sports addon. This addon uses Reddit to get the live and working stream links

8. The Loop

The Loop Kodi addon is a well-known addon for Live TV channels, Sports Replays, Highlights of Football/soccer. This addon is made with Jen Template and is a promising addon for some HD sports streaming.

How To Install The Loop 2021 Sports Addon on Kodi 

9. Planet MMA

The planet MMA is not a dedicated Football addon, it is famous for UFC events, documentaries and TV shows. However, for UFC fans there are lots of important things available that might click your mind. 

10. Motor Replays

In Motor Replays Kodi addon, you can find a huge amount of replays such as Formula 1, Moto 1,2,3, GP2 & GP3, British Superbikes, European touring cars and various other sports replays categories.

11. Halow Live TV

Halow Live TV Addon is not only to access sports channels, but it also offers you to access movies, sports replays, Live TV and music. This addon contains lots of premium Football content. The streaming quality of this addon is of very good quality.

12. SkyNet

Skynet is another great Kodi addon with plenty of options for movies, TV shows, IPTV, 4K UHD and the most important sports category for sports lovers.

13. Supremacy

Supremacy is an all in one Kodi addon with some great links to 3D movies, 4K movies, Live TV, New releases, Live Sports channels, TV shows, Box Sets, Kids movies and much more.

14. WWE On Demand

This addon is not for Football, but we have mentioned it here because there are also some people who are searching for WWE addons including me. This addon helps you to find all kinds of WWE shows such as Raw etc.

15. Rising Tides

Rising Tides Kodi addon allows you to find Football Highlights, Live Sports channels, Live PPV events, Test areas, IPTV Heaven and much more live content in a great HD picture quality.

16. Bennu

Bennu is a must-have addon for Football lovers, especially those who like and follow the NFL games. This Kodi addon for sports allows you to grab your favourite NFL games in HD picture quality.

17. Maverick TV

Maverick TV Addon for Kodi is not only the best sports addon, but it also allows you to watch movies, TV shows as well plenty of live TV channels. The sports section of the Maverick Kodi addon contains some excellent sports content that you might like.

18. TV One

If you are looking for a great Live TV addon then “TV One” might be the ultimate choice. Some of its sections include Kids, Sports, UK & USA Live TV channels, Food, Documentaries, Religious, News, Music and much more.

19. Sportie

Sportie Kodi addon for sports contains mix type of sports content for sports lovers. For example, you can easily access NBA, Wrestling, WWE, Soccer, Baseball and many more sports with the help of Sportie Addon. Checkout out our install guide on the Sportie addon.

Best Football Kodi Addons

These three are the most used and best working football Kodi addons.


TvTap addon is the alteration of the homonymous android app for the devices running android. This addon is famous because live TV enables access to more than hundreds of free channels to stream. There are different grouped categories such as Food, Kids, Documentary, Movies, News, Entertainment, Sports, USA channels and more. Moreover, it enables you to access all the most famous sports channels for different regions such as the USA, Europe, Middle East, and others. You can watch the events of Boxing, Football, WWE, NHL, NFL, Tennis, MBA and more. It is one of the best Football Kodi addons to stream live football on Kodi.

Sportowa TV

Sportowa TV is famous as a Sports specialized addon on Kodi. It is the leading choice for those who want to watch sports in the UK, Germany, the US, and Europe. Famous sports events can stream here via the scrappers LiveLooker, Sport 365 Live, Crickfree, Live TV,  Crickfree, and the sportsBay scrapper/category is a complete source of streaming. In other subcategories, you can watch Live Football and subcategories enables you to access all Live Football matches.

How to Install SPORTOWA TV Kodi 19 Matrix Addon

Rising Tides

Rising Tides Kodi addon allows you to find Football Highlights, Live Sports channels, Live PPV events, Test areas, IPTV Heaven and much more live content in a great HD picture quality.


The core concept of almost all these add-ons is almost the same with some different features that these add-ons offering. If you like watching streaming sports on Kodi of all kinds including football, UFC, boxing, cricket, Baseball and more, then you will find this list absolutely helpful for yourself.

These add-ons contain different sections and hence you will find these useful not only for Football leagues but also for other sports.  If you are a die-hard sports fan, then you should try one of these addons to watch sports live on Kodi 16 or Kodi 17 Krypton.

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