Best Kodi Sports Addons for Free Sports Streaming

Sports Kodi Addons

Kodi is only one of the superb networks for watching many free sports events. It is a straightforward, beautiful, and specific sports streaming way; most sports fans use it with great choice. It is also popular with the name of XBMC; you can get free sports in HD, and there is no difficulty to face because we will discuss the Best Sports Kodi Add-ons and how to install them. 

To use it, first, you need to install it on your system. For streaming, install the preferred official, or you can install a third party for sports. Sports Kodi addons can be easy because they are available in a large number on Kodi.  That all offers top sports events.   

These add-ons are straightforward to install and use on Kodi. So Kodi is the best place for sports content; you can find them in the library. So get an idea about the best sports add-ons 2023 for Kodi to fulfil your dream for the upcoming sports events.

In different regions, many sports events are restricted. In this situation, you cannot enjoy all your favourite games simultaneously, and it is almost impossible to enjoy the game live at the time you want. So we have a solution: If you have the Kodi Sports addon for live sports or sports highlights, you can easily watch these games in a blink.

Top Live Sports Addons for Kodi (Archives for Root Sports Streaming)

Using some of the best sports addons for Kodi, you can enjoy live sports on Kodi, even sports replays and highlights if you miss your favourite shot of the match. Stream games such as WWE, Football, and more.

The Internet service provider can keep the online activities and browse in their log. Accessing a blocked sports channel by using Kodi can create legal problems. So, using the Kodi live sports add-on to access a particular website blocked in your region is strongly forbidden.

There is a safe way of online streaming because most Kodi users use a VPN to keep streaming and privacy; it’s not accessible to their ISPs. If you want an affordable, reliable, and trusted VPN, always use IPVanish VPN as a Kodi VPN. The IPVanish anonymous server keeps you safe and secure from the internet service provider by encrypting your online history and logging in anonymously.

If you want to enjoy the sports events, here is a list of some beautiful Kodi Add-ons for sports in 2023. Feel free to use these add-ons, and if you know any of the best add-ons, you must share your ideas in the comments and share developed add-ons so we can share them here.

Here are the top 10 best sports add-ons for Kodi in 2021. This list consists of highly researched best sports addons. Most of these live add-ons contain unlimited resources.

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Top Kodi Sports Addons 2023

These live sports addons for Kodi are excellent for top games and sports such as Cricket, Football, Boxing, Tennis, and more.

Rising Tides

Rising Tides is the latest Kodi live sports addon. You can enjoy over 15 sports events, such as Soccer, Baseball, Rugby, NBA, Football, Tennis, and more.

The stream is organized in the best way for easy navigation. You need to know that Sports HD is a third-party addon that can be downloaded from the URL.

You cannot discuss any query about this addon on the official Kodi forums because the questions will not be entertained.


Sportowa contains an extensive sports event collection and direct links to live events. It offers different scrapers like LiveTV.Sx, Live Looker, Sport365 Live, TVP Sport, SportsBay, and more. It has all the live sports channels and IPTV sports channels. From the USA and UK, it has some great sports channels. Along with this, it provides sports channels from other regions as well.

How to Install SPORTOWA TV Kodi 19 Matrix Addon

The Loop

If you want to enjoy and know all about sports, then The Loop is one of the best ways. The Loop, this add-on, provides on-demand and live content from TV services from Canada, the UK, and the US. Using The Loop, you can access sports events in excellent picture quality. This sports addon can be found in Genetic media. It provides sports highlights and sports replies.

How To Install The Loop Sports Addon on Kodi 19

Kodi SportHD

Kodi HD Sports addon offers nothing but only sports events. This Kodi addon contains various sports channels and sports replays. You can immensely enjoy live streaming. The users highly recommend it to those who love sports. You can want a lot of events here.

How to Install Sport HD Addon for Kodi 19 Matrix

Fight Club

 Fight Club Kodi addon is dedicated to all fighting actions. Provide on-demand sports action with the main categories are Live TV, Live Sports, and many more. This addon offers live sports events, various 24/7 content, and more. The quality of the picture is out of the box.


SportZig is a Kodi addon from the Cy4 Root repo that is used to watch live sports on Kodi. It allows you to watch matches quickly.

You can enjoy all types of games, such as Hockey, Football, Rugby, Tennis, F1, Biathlon, cricket, and many more. The main sections include live sports and more. SportZig Kodi Addon, which pulls streaming from a known IPTV internet site. It is a third-party Kodi addon by the QWER repo.

This is the best add-on for the user who loves sports. It offers various exciting sports events. It has unlimited sports events.

The Endzone

The Endzone Kodi Add-on is a fantastic sports add-on found in the Grindhouse Repository. It is all about IPTV and Sports. The users who are profound lovers of sports here find unlimited sports, an IPTV section, and live content.

Categories added 3 PM Kick Offs, IPTV, Sports, Live Footy, Mama HD Sports, Live Sports Channels, Official Highlights Channels, and much more.

How To Install The Kodi EndZone Add-on

Gridiron Legends

Gridiron Legends is a Kodi addon by the Nole Dynasty repo having all sports content. This addon is especially for those who love sports and want games and highlights every time.

These Kodi addon main categories include BT Sports, Football, Movies, Sports, Reddit Soccer streams, UKTV Sports, WWE, and much more that you want related to sports.

This add-on uses Sports Devil Plugins and Plexus to offer live streaming. Use this add-on and enjoy the sports events.

Alpha Quadrant

It is the latest and most impressive Kodi addon; it can be installed from the Diamond Build repo. It provides free live streaming of sports on Kodi. An extensive list is included in its categories. USA channels, Video on Demand, 24/7 shows, Olympic 2018 live, UK Channels, live games, and many more.

Alpha Quadrant is the latest third-party Kodi addon from the bookmark repo. This addon is best for sports fans enjoying their favourite sports program. To install this addon and enjoy it a lot.

Duck Shit

The Duck Shit is Kodi Addon, a fantastic addon for the sports lover, known as wrestling INC addon. It is not associated with Kodi TV as this is a third-party Kodi addon. The main advantage of the Duch Shift is Replays.

Its main sections included PPV Events, Live streams, Live Show Repeats, and WWE Network, and the games categories are Football, hockey, moto, MIMA, baseball, wrestling, and more.

It is the latest third-party Kodi addon from Illuminati Repository. The Duck Shit  Kodi addon is an incredible hotspot for its features, sports replays, and substance. It reproduces content like baseball, football, hockey, MMA, moto, and wrestling.

BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer is a famous Kodi Addon that provides sports content in excellent picture quality for its fans. So, It is the best sports addon for all versions of Kodi because It includes new and updated data and has constantly been updated since its release.

The sections included Boxing, MMA, Football, Sports, Golf, MotorSport—Acestream and more. The latest third-party Kodi addon can be accessed within the Kodi repository under iPlayer-WWW. It offers unlimited sports events for its fans.


Xumo is free, and the official Kodi addon can be found in the Kodi repo. Offers a large number of resources for sports content across the world. You can watch sports events and games like cricket, Football, hockey, and more.

The main sections are MMA, Football, 3 PM Kick-Offs, Boxing, F1, Sports channels, Rugby, and more.

So this is a good choice for sports lovers because installing it is effortless.

Rising Tides

Rising Tides is a Kodi Addon used for live sports IPTV Video. Installing Rising Tides allows you to enjoy live sports videos of excellent quality.

 Leading sectors are added: Football Highlights, Country, Sports Channels, Live Football, Sports Shows, Live PPV Events, Movies, Documentaries, and country Channels.

Rising Tides offers unlimited feedstuffs and sports events from around the world. The main sections added Cricket, Football, Boxing, Motorsports, and Golf for sports lovers. So Rising Tides is the latest third-party Kodi addon located in Mullafabz Respority.

Just Sports Addon

Just Sports is a new third-party Kodi addon added to the UKodi1 Repo. So you can watch your favourite sports events, and it contains many games. The main category is sports, so a vast range of menu categories exist.

Know about: How to Install Just Sports Kodi Addon

Finally, you know the Kodi sports add-on listing; here are some tips and tricks on installing the sports add-on on the Kodi platform.

How to Install Live Sports Addons on Kodi?

Here are the detailed guidelines; by following these guidelines, you can easily install the Sports addon. Get step-by-step ideas, install the Kodi addon and watch sports on Kodi.

  1. Open Kodi
  2. And then get the Repository of the wanted addon to install
  3.  Click the Gear Icon to open the Kodi Settings
  4. Now Select the File Manager
  5. Select the Add Source on the next screen
  6. Enter the URL now rather than the default ‘None.
  7. In the next entry, the name of the repo
  8. Now click OK 
  9. Go back home now
  10. Select the Addons.
  11. Then click on the Package Symbol for installation of the sports addon
  12. Click on Install from Zip File
  13. Now choose the repo name downloaded in the previous steps
  14. Click on the zip file
  15. Go back to Addons
  16. Now Select Install from the Repository
  17. Now Go to the Video Add-ons
  18. Search for the installed Repository 
  19. Choose the add-on and then install it.

Final Words 

Kodi is a superb resource to watch unlimited sports events. So, all the mentioned add-ons will be helpful for you to enjoy the games with live streaming because Kodi is a great network that provides many solutions for any problem.

So, this list is prepared for testing. If you want to share your thoughts, feel free to write a message in the comments. So enjoy a lot of events by using these Best Sports Kodi Add-ons.

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