Best Kodi Add-ons 2023

Best kodi add-ons

There always remains a change in Kodi addons. Some old ones often were the best once, from time to time, and new Addons replaced them. You always have add-ons enabling you to watch your wanted games and other content anywhere. So finally, we shared here the best Kodi video addons as we update them for your best facilitation. 

Try all the addons one by one; all are good and give you the best results. 

Types of Kodi Add-ons

Recently three main kinds of add-ons are Torrent, Free link add-ons, and next is Real Debrid. Torrent add-ons are mostly recommended for advanced users. Free link add-ons are available with free online streaming on the internet real Debrid and For paid real Debrid accounts.

Top 10 Best Kodi addons 2023

 The Oath

The Oath is the best-working Kodi video addon with many free links because it is accessible to all.

So It has categories from TV Shows, Movies, movies, New Episodes, search, and tools. The Oath works best with Kodi 18 Leia and the new Kodi 19 Matrix.

The Crew

 It is a Kodi Video addon by the Crew Repository. The Crew has sections for TV Shows, Movies, Sports, IPTV, Kids, Fitness, Standup Comedy, 1 Click, Radio streaming, and many more.

It has been the best working with Kodi addons containing many links with the latest updates. The sections are included N.H.L, B.N.A, N.F.L, N.C.A.A.F, U.F.C, WWE, FIFA, Boxing, and much more in the Menu of sports.

So it is the best addons for streaming sports, TV Shows, Movies, and live streaming.

Know about How to Install The Crew Kodi Addon


 Free is the best Kodi addon with free links provided by DejaVu Repository.

Categories added in FREE Kids Movies, Latest Movies on One-Click, Daily Motion, Catch Up TV, Comedians, WWE/Sports Replays, and much more.

It offers free links to play with one click. With many categories, it works very well.


It is updated, and the latest Exodus Fork contains various links and works in the best way. Like other Forks, it has also categories for TV Shows and Movies, including different subsections.

 It contains different links that make it the best new update compared to an old plugin.


 Asgard is one of the best add-ons, along with different categories such as T.V. shows, Movies.

It offers multiple links to select from, including Real Debrid. It is separate from the standard links. Categories added include Non-Debrid, Movies, TV Shows, Kids, Sports, IPTV, Concerts, Documentaries, Anime, and more.

One thing that makes it different from other add-ons is the latest movies that other add-ons don’t show. So it is an excellent add-on to get wanted streaming.


 it is a Kodi 19 Matrix video addon from SouthPaw Repository. Categories added TV Shows, Movies, New Episodes, New Movies, Channels, Tools, searches, and whatever you want to watch. Because It contains free links and the best working addon.


 It is one of the best sports and Kodi video add-ons from the DajaVu Repository.

 Categories included Debrid, Movies, 24/7, Daily Motion, UHD, Boxing, Worldwide CCTV, Comedians, Live in concert, online radio, Jukebox, and much more.

There are various categories and subcategories to watch anything, along with different good links.


 The ghost located in the Crew Repository is a Kodi all-in-one addon.

The main categories are U.F.C. Replays, Chians Sinisters, Mad Titan, and B.N.W. Movies.

Ghost categories have TV Shows, Movies, IPTV, Kids, and Setup. There is a 1-Click List, Genres, movies by year, and much more in the Movies Section.

Its 1-click category works very well, with free links and one click to play.

Loonatics Unleashed

From LooNatics3000 Asylum Repository, it is a Kodi in one add -on.

Main categories are added New Movies, Loonatics Unleashed List, TV Shows, Movies, 1-Click Free Movies, TV-TAP, Swift Streamz, Anime, Live, M3u List, Retro Cartoons, Box sets, and so on.


 It is a Kodi Exodus Fork from the DejaVu Repository.

Categories added TV Shows, Latest Movies, Channels, searches, Tools, and more.

 This add-on was once a top Kodi addon. It is located in the Maverick T.V. Repository. 

Exodus Redux

 It is a Fork by Exodus/Genesis addon.

 Exodus Redux works well with the best searching the internet and provides you with video links.

 Its Video and TV Shows are well designed like other Exodus Forks.

Open Scrapers.

To watch movies and TV Shows, Reduce is the best Exodus Fork.

Scrubs V2

 It is one of the best Kodi add-ons and is updated steadily.

Scrub V2 is a Fork of the famous original Exodus with an updated working code.

It is the most favorite and top Exodus Forks, although it has a similar layout but is timely updated and active.

It is the best addon for watching TV Shows and getting Movies, More on TV Shows, Networks, Documentaries, and more.

Death Star

 It is an addon that contains many other add-ons, sections, and categories for more streaming.

It collaborates with various developers and consists of famous add-ons in one place, including M.E.T.V Athena, Ghost, W.O.W., The Mad Titan, Expose, Modus Operandi, Devastation, Raven, House Of Ble, E.I.M. and more.

Every addon within Death Star is their complete Kodi plugin and is different.

 It contains many sections and categories to get more streaming, including TV Shows, Movies, Sports, documentaries, and much more.

TV One

 It is an international Kodi Live T.V. addon comprising various categories in different languages.

Categories added Entertainment, Documentaries, Movies, U.S.A., Music, Sports, News, and so on.

When searching for a channel, make sure it sees the first letter of the language of any country.

Like U.S. or U.K. for English and F.R. for French. T.V. One can find the Octopus Repository is Kodi 19 Matrix compatible.


is a Kodi video addon by the DejaVu Repository.

 Revolution’s interface is an old exodus addon clone that various will get familiar with.

The main categories of this addon include TV Shows, Movies, New Episodes, New Movies, and Channels.

 It is updated and working well with Kodi 19 Matrix.

Release B.B.

 Release B.B. is a Kodi video addon by Bugatsinho Repository, which got an update.

The main categories are added TV Shows, Movies, Tools, and Settings. Github-Help, Search, and Real Set View-Types.

 It has many other categories and subcategories to get almost anything.

 It is a good add-on for those for the pairing is no problem.

Debrid Only Kodi Addons


It is located in the Crew Repository Kodi video addon. Its main categories are T.V. world, Movies, Trait, and search.

This addon works differently by providing a web address to open a browser and a code to enter.


This is a Kodi video addon, the most advanced user from Nixgates Repository.

This addon includes TV shows, Movies, Tools, and searches. It contains no free links but is set up to utilize along with Trakt and Real Debrid.

Real Debrid or Trakt Seran is a good add-on; in such a situation, you may choose another one because it will not pull in links.


It is a Kodi video addon. Fen is located in the Tikipeter Repository. Its main sections are Music, Tv-Shows, Movies, Furk, search, subscriptions, Watched, Easy News, In Progress, and much more.

This addon uses various scrapers, such as Tiki Scrapes, which have multiple links than many add-ons.

This is a good addon that pulls different good links.

The Tiki Scrappers don’t depend on I.M.B.D. for data that has been lost during updates. 

The Boys

It is a Kodi 10 Matrix Real Debrid addon by the Chains Repository.

The main categories are T.V. shows, Movies, Trakt, Last Link Played, Search, and settings.


 it is a Portuguese Kodi sports addon with various live games from worldwide.

Categories added Jogos Ao Who, Desporto, and Definicoes.

This addon works well with Kodi 19 Matrix.

Vilhao Matrix

it is a Portuguese Kodi addon consisting of some English and Spanish sections.

Categories included Portugal T.V., Espanha, Brasil TV, Desporto, UK T.V., Cinema, Vilho, Music, and more.

This addon works along with Kdi 19 Matrix.


Chains is a Kodi all-in-one Real Debrid addon and have been updated to work along with Kodi 19 Matrix.

The main sections are 4K Hub, Search, Movies, TV Shows, Documentaries, Tmdb, Comics, Regeneration, Music, Slam City Stand Up, and Settings.

Dont Blink

 It is the latest Real Debrid Kodi 19 Matrix addon found in the Diamond Build Repository.

 The main categories are Movies and Series, along with various subcategories.


It is a Kodi AIO addon that can be found in Fractured Repository.

GroGu sections are T.M.B.D. Movies, TV Shows, I.M.B.D. Movies, Trackt Movies, TV Shows Flix and Chill, and more. Flix and Chills have free links, but many sections need Real Debrid.


It is a Kodi video Real Debrid addon by Magic Media Repository.

Sections included Viceland, TV shows, Movies, Trakt Portal, Music Plus, Box-sets, Dead of Night Tombstone, Toon Time, and more.

Diamond Shadow

It is a Kodi shadow Fork Real-Debrid addon that can be accessed in Diamond Build Repository.

The main sections are T.V. World, Movie World, Setting, Search, Trakt World and Many more.

When you select a video, a code is entered at the Real Debrid website and allows playing the video.

Add That Source

 A unique Kodi addon contains the best working repository URLs ready to be installed.

 Adding repository URLs in a Kodi might be time-consuming with the new setup.

After installing this addon, it has all the best Repositories and URLs installed with few clicks.


It is a Kodi video addon 4K found in the Narcacist Wizard Repository.

Sections in this addon are; Movies Alphabetically, Movies by the year, Movies Box-sets, TV Shows, and Movie Genres.

A Real-Debrid account is required.


It’s a Kodi Real Debrid video addon located. It can be accessed in the Grice Advice Repository.

Categories in this Addon are Movie World, Trakt, Search, T.V. World, Settings, etc.


It is a Kodi video addon that can be accessed in the Crew Repository.

Its main categories are Sci-Fi, Apocalyptic, Horror, Fantasy, and TV Shows. Request, Docs, and more.

Magic Dragon

 It’s an all-in-one Kodi addon that consists of a lot of content.

Categories added Real Debrid, Movies search, Documentary, Requested Movies, People Watching,

New Movie Releases, 1-Click, Cams/H.D.T.S. Releases, 4K Movies, Music, Kids, Radio, Sports, T.V./Entertainment, and more.


 The Kodi video Add-on Apex can be found in the Magnetic Repository. This addon contains various categories like Movies, TV Shows, and Genres and other sections with many subcategories.  It has Kids Spot, Documentaries, Tools, Status, Sports, and so on. 


 it is a Kodi video addon found in the Kingdom Repository consisting of various categories.

Categories added Free Links to Movies, Real Debrid, Box-Sets, SCI-fI, Old Comedy Shows, TV Shows, Radio, Music, etc.

The Movie Bay.Net

 The Movie Bay.Net is a Kodi Video addon found in the Mbebe Repository consisting of TV Shows and Movies. Its straightforward design included TV Shows, Movies, Search, and Reality categories. This addon is good working and 1-Click to play.


FoxyStreams is a Kodi addon that requires Real Debrid to work. Categories added List, Downloads, Search History and Search. 

Foxy Streams is a fast Kodi addon by using which you can watch the content on Kodi without any buffering. The good thing about this addon is that it requires a Real-Debrid account to access all the content entirely.


It’s a Kodi video addon. This is best for those who are using Real Debrid. Categories added the 80s, One-Click Movies, TV Shows, British Sitcoms, Kids Zone, Docs, Musicals, and more. You will find no free link here; it is suitable for Real Debrid users.

Black Tears

It is from the Chains Repository, a Kodi REAL-Debrid video addon. The categories included T.V. World, Movie World, Search History, Trakt, Search, and settings.


From the Last Kingdom Repository, it is a Kodi Real Debrid video addon. It has various best sections. Categories added D.C. Comics, Tools, Marvel Studios, Dreamwork, Pixar Animation, Universal, etc.

Genesis Resurrected RD Only

It is a Real Debrid-only addon, and a Genesis interface by Dark Carnival Returns Repo. Its Movie and T.V. shows sections are very similar to the old Genesis addon. Only those with an R.D. account can use it as it has not scrap-free links and it is R.D. only.


This addon can be found in Dejavu Repository; Mercury is a Kodi video addon. Its main categories are T.V. shows, Top 50, Top 25024/7 Shows, Genres, Kids Box-sets, Movies OF All Time, Debrid Classics, the Latest TV Shows Most Popular, and more.

Black Lightning

It is a Kodi video addon found in the Narcacust Wizard Repository. Its main categories are T.V. World, Search, Movie World, the Last Link Played, etc. It uses the Real Debrid, a code found to enter the site of Real-Debrid.

Top Torrent Kodi Addons


It is a speedy and well-working Kodi video addon. The main categories are TV Shows, Movies, Torrents, Search, History, Add, Status, Providers, and more. It could be downloaded and installed using the official site at any Repository.


This is a Kodi video addon found in the magnetic Repository. It comprises various categories such as TV Shows, Movies, Kids, B.N.A., Actors, Live TV, Acestream, Live Sports, My Favorites, M3u8 Lists, and many more.


Resistance is a Kodi video addon that consists of various settings and categories. The main categories are TV Shows, Movies, T.M.B.D., Search, Resolve URL Settings, Torrenter, Top Movies, Providers, Scrapper settings, Tool, and many more.

The primary categories use Real Debrid, or Open Scrappers account, to get the links, and by using the Torrenter section, the links can pull in from Torrent websites.

If you are using the Torrent section, you must use a VPN.


LooNatics 3000 is a Kodi video addon by LooNatics 3000 Asylum Repository. Main categories added TV Shows, Trakt, Movies, Media, Actors, Live TV/M3 List, Search, and Last Played.

Want to know how Kodi addons Work?

Google searches for queries in the same way Kodi addon searches the internet for video links. If the link is removed or many users are simultaneous because it can cause wrong links, slow down, and buffer. If you face any problems while working on a link, move down the list of available connections and get a good one. Although searching for a good link can irritate you, you can get it after four to five tires.

A default installation of many add-ons having free links, so it can be challenging to get a good one. There are some other ways for links, such as Torrents and along with services like Real Debrid. Remember, although free links work, you need more patience to get a good one.

How to install the Kodi addon?

  •  Click the System settings icon at the top left.
  •   Clicks on File Manager
  •  Click Add Source at the left
  •   Click when getting the option of NONE
  •  Type here in the addon Repository’s URL.
  •   Add the name in the following box down and click OK.
  •  Now go to the Main Menu and click on Add-ons.
  •  Click on the Add-on package installer icon at the top left. 9.
  • Click on the install from the Zip file.
  •   Select the Repo name provided earlier by pop open a box.
  • Click the Repo Zip File.
  • Now wait till the Repository downloads and popup at the top right side, and the option is installed.
  • Click on the install from the Repository
  • Click on the Repo Installed
  • Now select Video Add-ons 16. Choose the addon 17. Now click on install

How to use a Kodi addon

  •  Go to the Main Menu of Kodi and choose the Add-on
  •   Choose your wanted sections like Movies
  •  Choose a video
  •  Now Add-on find out the links from the internet
  •   All related links will be shown in a long row.  And click the first link to the video play.
  •  If there is any problem with buffering or video playing, try another link until the wanted link is found.

Various problems in streaming a video could be a slow internet connection or server overload.

  1.  First, you need to check the internet speed with an online speed test tool.
  2. It would help if you had a fast internet connection with 25Mbps to stream and avoid buffering.
  3. Hardware can be overloaded with programs and apps. As for video streaming, it should be quick.
  4. So an addon crawls content online to find the video link like Google.
  5.  If there are overused by various users can cause a slowdown, and links can go down.
  6. In such a situation, you can select another link.

Final Words gives you information owned or bought personally or available in the public domain. So Znzir is just an informational and news blog that does not support or condone copyright infringement. I hope this top Kodi video add-ons list will be helpful for you. Because all the addons are updated working well.

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