Minecraft Color Codes Format Codes

In Minecraft, you can use color codes to change the text color in chat, signs, and other text-related elements. Color codes are denoted by the symbol “§” followed by a specific code or letter. Here’s a list of some standard color codes and format codes along with their corresponding letters:

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Minecraft Color Codes

  • §0: Black
  • §1: Dark Blue
  • §2: Dark Green
  • §3: Dark Aqua (Teal)
  • §4: Dark Red
  • §5: Dark Purple
  • §6: Gold
  • §7: Gray
  • §8: Dark Gray
  • §9: Blue
  • §a: Green
  • §b: Aqua (Light Blue)
  • §c: Red
  • §d: Light Purple
  • §e: Yellow
  • §f: White

Include a colour code in your text by typing the § symbol followed by the desired code. For example, to make your text red, you would use §c like this: “Hello, §cRed Text!”

Remember that color codes might be restricted on specific servers or platforms, and not all text elements support color codes.

Additionally, some versions of Minecraft may have slightly different color shades associated with the codes, so it’s a good idea to test the colors in-game to see how they appear.

Additionally, you can combine formatting codes to apply multiple styles simultaneously. For example:

minecraft color codes

  • §l: Bold
  • §o: Italic
  • §n: Underline
  • §m: Strikethrough
  • §k: Obfuscated (random characters)
  • §r: Reset (clears all formatting)

To use formatting codes, include them in your chat messages, signs, or command outputs. For example:

This command would give the player a diamond sword with a gold-colored and bolded name, “Epic Sword.”

Remember that the availability of formatting codes might vary depending on the version of Minecraft you’re playing. Some features and codes might be deprecated or added in newer updates. Refer to the official Minecraft documentation or community resources for the most up-to-date information.