Difference Between Alliance vs Horde Ratio in WoW

Alliance vs Horde Ratio

There are two main factions in the world of warcraft; one Horde and one Alliance. The ratio of the Horde players is more than the ratio of the Alliance players. The Horde faction consists of trolls, orcs, goblins, and some other races while the Alliance mostly consists of dwarves, humans, Worgan, etc. By selecting either faction some unique racial straits come.  Below are mentioned some differences between the Alliance Horde ratio in WoW.

Horde vs Alliance Population


The horde population is four times more in the server than in Alliance. A few servers could be 4:1 as the population ratio f Hordes to Alliance depends on the realm you’re in, so the Horde players are more than Alliance.

This is the leading cause why gamers mostly join the Horde faction.  Many servers have a high level of Horde population, and it becomes easier to find suitable matches in a few minutes.

Want to know how the population queue times affect the battleground? So this is not so important, but there should be enough population of your faction. You can easily find the groups, and queue time decreases drastically. 

As every player knows, how irritating longer can be queue times. The Horde might be a good option for you in case of grinding out the end-game content.

For beginners, the disparity of the faction is not too much, the Horde players are 60% compared to 4% Alliance players. If you are not in the mode of challenging the leaderboard in-game, then it should not matter to you.

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According to some players, the character design of the Alliance race is good than the Horde faction. Alliance is a fantastic, fun faction, especially when playing the lore side of things. If many players select the Horde faction, it doesn’t mean you should also set it. The queue time is not more affected for the population until you can reach the end content of the game. You can choose the faction of your choice.

The Horde faction can be wrong and the Alliance can be good it depends on you that oppose the Alliance. There is no issue with War mode, but as the War Mode is turned on, you are put into the various servers where the balance is maintained between the WoW Horde or Alliance players.

The plus point is that you don’t have to wait for a long to find fights. Many of the players move their characters to the Horde faction, and the Horde is growing more and more.

This can be pretty disappointing for the Alliance player because if you regularly push the high key, then the Alliance faction can be a handicap for you.

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