How to Reset World of Warcraft’s User Interface

World of warcraft game

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You enjoy the World of Warcraft game as it is a fun game, but playing some of the technical problems can disturb your adventure. But you can get a quick solution to fix the simple WoW bugs. First of all, reset the game’s user interface; this action might be resolve your problem that how to reset wow interface.

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How to Reset UI Command

Resetting wow UI to default settings can ui reset wow within a few seconds. To fix the WoW User Interface just

1. Exit World of Warcraft completely

2. From the desktop app > move to Options > and select the Show in Explorer

3. Now open the World of Warcraft folder

 4. Now rename the Cache, WTF folders and interface to CacheOld, WTFOld and InterfaceOld

5. Now start the World of Warcraft again to enable the changes.

6. If any addon is creating the problem, then uninstall addon managers

7. In the virtual store directory, delete these files

1. To show up the hidden files and folders, set Windows

2. Now go to the C:Users%username%AppDataLocalVirtualStoreProgram FilesWorld of Warcraft

3. Now clear the cache, interface and WTF folders and close the Window Explorer and then restart the system

  4. Now again, start WoW

These are the simple steps to wow reset ui command . While speaking of WoW’s UI, most of the players choose an option to customize the interface and highlight the valuable elements. Blizzard’s UI has minimal features, and its design could not fulfil the desired. So the players try to use various user interfaces that are with many functions.

ElvUI is the most famous WoW UIs in players, and plyer can quickly turn off the feature they don’t want as it is highly customizable and can use a different addon.

The use of mods is the best way to improve the overall experience; you can customize it in your wanted way. After an extensive game update, some of them might be broken. If you are facing any such issue, then ensure to navigate the UI mod developer’s page and update the addon.

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