How to Reset World of Warcraft’s User Interface

World of warcraft game

In World of Warcraft, if you want to reset the user interface (UI) to its default settings, you can use the “resetui” command. It will reset the UI to the default settings, including any customizations or changes you’ve made.

Here are the steps to reset the UI using the “/resetui” command:

  1. Open the in-game chat box by pressing the “Enter” key.
  2. Type the following command and press “Enter”:


world of warcraft UI

After entering this command, the game reloads the UI and restores it to the default settings. Remember that any customizations or changes you’ve made to the UI will be lost.

Apply more options if required.

 You can check all the drivers in three easy ways:

1. Download DriverFix (Verify the download file)

2. Now click on Start Scan to know all issues in drivers.

3. Now click Update Drivers to get the latest version and avoid system malfunctioning.

You enjoy the World of Warcraft game as it is fun, but playing some technical problems can disturb your adventure. But you can get a quick solution to fix the simple WoW bugs. First, reset the game’s user interface; this action might resolve your problem of resetting the wow interface.

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How to Reset UI Command

In World of Warcraft (WoW), the term “UI reset” typically refers to resetting the user interface (UI) to its default settings. It can be helpful if you’re experiencing UI-related issues or want to start with a clean slate. Here’s how you can reset the UI in WoW:

Exit World of Warcraft  

Close the game entirely before proceeding.

Navigate to the WoW Folder 

Open the folder where World of Warcraft is installed on your computer.

Locate the WTF and Interface folders 

Inside the WoW folder, you’ll find a folder named “WTF” and another called “Interface.” These folders contain your UI settings and addons.

Backup Your Settings (Optional)

Creating backups of the WTF and Interface folders is a good idea if you want to preserve your current UI settings. Copy these folders to a safe location on your computer.

Delete or Rename the WTF and Interface Folders 

You can either delete the “WTF” and “Interface” folders or rename them to something else (e.g., “WTF_Backup” and “Interface_Backup”).

Launch WoW  

Open World of Warcraft. The game will create new default UI settings and folders for you.

Reconfigure Your UI

Customize your UI, add or configure addons, and set up your preferences as needed.

Remember that resetting the UI will erase all your current UI configurations and settings. If you backed up the folders, you can restore your previous settings by copying them into the WoW folder.

Remember to use caution when modifying game files, and always make backups before making significant changes.

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