Best Budget Portable PC Cases with good airflow


Although PC portable cases are never a hurdle in performing the computer, they are most important to keep them safe and secure computer parts from dust and spillage. Using a PC Case, the computer will be at the right temperature by providing airflow through the vents on their side.

Providing help to users by acting as an interface and transforming a PC’s components are also essential functions. Getting the best PC Case with handle is a challenging task, so get the advantage and select the computer case with handle by following the given details.

1. Thermaltake Core V21 SPCC M-ATX

 It’s a multifunctional mini pc case and very favourable for all. It is suitable for both micro portable ATX cases with handle and mini ITX motherboards, and you can use it in vertical and horizontal orientations.  It has a chamber concept design and a very flexible thermal solution.

All the essentials are present in this case pack consist of three 3.5″ drive bays, and for a solid-state drive, it has another three 2.5″ go base; it can be utilized for small form factor hard drives. It has a pre-installed 200mm fan with it. The front I/O consists of two USB 3.0 ports and an HD audion combo.

Its maximum PSU length is 200mm, and maximum graphic card clearance is 350mm. More than two graphic cards you can use with the case. Graphics cards can be mounted vertically with vertical PCI Express mounts if the user wants to do.

 It has a unique size with airflow intake, and exhaust may be a problem. It has not any bottom fan mounts nor enough exhaust space. So the case will keep the safe PC from dust. You also have other options.

2. Cooler Master HAF XB EVO

It makes very little sense, just like its name. It resembled with home theatre systems of the current page. A new user or user who is not skilled in computers cannot be easily understood as it might not be a computer case handle.

This PC Casing, like a bulky little box, compensates for its versatile utilization. This ATX PC case can be used as a LAN server box and can be used for test benches for hardware testing. The HAF XB EVO is very supportive of a 240mm radiator. It is also supportive of four 3.5″ hard drives.

The case has two high-quality fans mounted at the front. Its front panel support 240mm radiators. It also supports four 3.5″ hard drives or 2.5″ SSD drives.

This case is heavier than the competition regarding its bulkiness. Its motherboard and the main I/O components are not mounted in the same way as other cases to create problems or a new user. A complete guideline is provided in the documentation.

3. Cooler Master Stryker SE (SGC-5000W-KWN2)

 It is an ideal Case; it has many Pro features that are important in a white box. It is essential and different from other cases for this case would be the X-Dock, which is importantly a hot-swappable 2.5″ drive bay for SSDs or hard disk drives.

The top of this case has a complete control module, which can control the RGB lighting and internal fan speeds. It has hosts LED indicators on the top and four USB ports. Stryker SE presents with extensive motherboard form factor support ranging from  ATX to mini ITX and also XL-ATX.

It has 360mm radiators at the front, and a complete 240mm radiator could be mounted in the bottom or at the top. Its mobility is effortless due to the tempered glass side panel and top. Totally seven 2.5″ drives could be mounted, two of them could be converted into 3.5″ bays.

For criticism, very few points are in this case. There is a lack of mesh panels in the front can be trouble the user; even the front panel has the best spacing. Some users are bored with white and black they want different colour combinations. Yet is one of the best portable computer case.

4. Cooler Master MasterBox Q300P

This is a beautiful small box that could set up in any orientation according to user wishes. Its shape is square-quite, and the fresh air amidst like this shape cases on the market. It has Q300P unibody handles at the top and bottom, and this is simple to handling and best for air exhaust.

It has MasterBox Q300P with two 120mm RGB high working fans, a splitter, and one RGB controller. The new user will not face any difficulty to handle it. This case is best for micro ATX and mini ITX motherboards.

 It has two 2.5″ and one 3.5″ storage drives that could be mounted in the case. It has no air filtration, a tempered glass side panel it has. There is no air intake place on the front side; it is a big handicap for the internal sider thermal system. Cooler Master has not any VGA clearance on the store page.

5. Cooler Master MasterCase H100

It has a small ITX case with a handle issued in 2019. This case is marketed to have acceptable mesh variation; products also live up to it. Attractive in size, it has two dust filters at the front and top. Additionally, it has a behemoth 200mm RGB fan for air intake. This case is tiny in size.

More than four 2.5″ drives could be installed into the case; one could be extended to host 3.5″ hard drives. It fully supports ATX PSUs and many portable mini ITX cases with handles. A complete PCI Express card could be installed in the case with a VGA clearance of 210mm.

With two USB 3.0 ports on the front, an audio jack, and a built-in RGB controller, making the case, this little addition comes with sacrifices. It has one fan mount in the front. Without a tempered glass panel, it might be interesting for gamers who want to show off the battle station. Cable arrangement would also be a problem according to their size.

6. Cougar Panzer Max Ultimate Full Tower

This idiomatic case supports more than eight fans- enough for any chance of caliber. This can be the best reason that enthusiast builders like to select this case. This is moldable, and the cougar claims for this case to have a “military-style design. Furthermore, the front of this case also has mesh patterns, providing proper dust filtration.

This case has equipped the Panzer Max Ultimate with the best extendibility in mind. It supports four double-slot PCI express cards with the best clearance of 390mm. There are very few cases at present to have optical disc drive support. 

This case consists of six SSD bays, four SSD bays, and more than two hard drive bays. At the front and top, it has support for 360mm radiators. Its motherboards ranging from the mini ITX in all ways to increased ATX, could be mounted.

The one thing gamers could be criticized for would be overarching on all sides of the case. Stealth lovers and content writers wish to see elsewhere for their case needs.

7. Corsair Obsidian 500D SE Mid Tower

one of the best obsidian Pro is Corsair’s series of PC cases and heavy price tags. It has excellent features that justify the price. It consists of a unique feature set with Corsair’s trademark iCue lighting and wing-sized side panels.

Corsair Obsidian 500D SE Mid Tower is available in a stealth black look and weighs only over 25 pounds; it is made of solid aluminum. It could host more than five 120mm fans, and Corsair added 3 RGB fans along with the case. At the front of the case, users could mount one full 360 mm radiator.

There is one I/O module; it has two 3.0 Type-A ports and one USB 3.0 Type-C port. HD audio parts are not mentioned. The shortness of fan control or RGB header upfront for a PC Case is a costly thing to be wished for.

 PSU shroud that there is open space in front of the cable for the case, just half of the case; it is an unwelcome feature for modders. For the front fans, there is no more room for air intake.

8. Silverstone Technology Mini-ITX ML08 (Version 1)

 Tapered of the bunch, it is wide, only 3.43 inches. This kind of case has very particular use cases and very few user bases for these cases. This case is full of features with a steel body for reinforcing longevity.

Available only in 12 liters, with a very compact interior. It is supported for SFX factor PSUs and a mini ITX motherboard. It has splendid housing for graphics cards along with 330mm VGA clearance. Up to two 2.5″ storage drives could be mounted in the toolless drive cages.

This case could be utilized in vertical and horizontal orientations. It is suitable for those who crave near-silent PCs. At the front panel, it has two USB 3.0 ports along with HD audio outputs. For additional security, Silverstone has added two Kensington.

Thermal throttling is a big problem in this case. As it has no case fan, you will find minimal space among the portable CPU case wall and graphics cardholder. The CPU and graphics card will be very narrow under a heavy load. Its maximum CPU cooler height is about 58mm. Its SFX-format power supply unit is challenging to get and could be very expensive.

9. Cooler Master MasterCase MC500 Mid Tower

According to functionality, this is the top, more excellent master case. It boasts Cooler Master’s trademarked freeform modular system that can easily make modality and upgradeability. Cooler Master has been designed with front mesh panels for dust removal and tempered glass side panels at one-sided.

Anyways, it also has two handles to move it around quickly. Inside of this Case, the MC500 could be installed along with up to ten 2.5″ drive bays- a few could also be modified for 3.5″ hard drive use. It has houses ODD bays for disc drives too. 

The case has many 120mm and 140mm fan slots; it fits one 360mm radiator. The more excellent master has also created a place for up to 35mm cable routing the motherboard’s backside for aesthetic and clean cable arrangement. At the top, a dust filter fixed its front and bottom, giving complete dust protection.

The case consists of a giant metal part; its top handles are made of plastic, creating questions about its durability. While handling the case, the user must be cautious.

10. In Win Motorcycle Steel Tube

 This case is extraordinary in shape any PC user has ever seen. It has thick aluminum tubes on all sides, and one side has a tempered glass panel. It gives a unique look to a PC. This case is available in various color options. In the win markets, the portable computer cases or perfect LAN rig.

The point is almost opening that supportive for heavy airflow all around the issue. It has multiple fan mounts to bolster all airflow further. A full-size PSU could too be mounted along with an overall horizontal clearance of 220mm.

The case helps both micro ATX and ATX-sized motherboards. And the complete lack of any filter in the back or front could be pretty bothering. Dust could flow in a simple, easy way, in this case, settle in, making it very simple and easy. 

Moreover, the case is helpful only for expansion cards and just eight-lane of PCI express, making the case hard buys for gamers conscious of performance.

So the ideal case size made it challenging to set up or upgrade. Its plastic inner case, which holds the motherboard, could easily break; the point is unusable due to it. These issues make the subject demanding to recommend despite its attractive appearance. 

Final Words

Choosing ideal PC Case guidelines is very important, So get the idea with reviews and keep the PC safe and secure. The best PC case can make the PC comfortable to use. Give a stylish and beautiful cover to PC. All these cases are the very demanding and best quality.


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