How to Download Reddit Videos

Reddit video donwload

Reddit has millions of users and is the world’s most used website as it has all the categories, funny videos, latest news, and all updating information.

The best thing you can get on Reddit is hilarious gifts to homemade videos shared with people, but it isn’t easy to download videos.

But this is not very difficult also; some of the best websites enable you to download Reddit videos. Reddit stores video and Audio separately, while not all the websites download the media with the audio track.

Here are the step-by-step guidelines to use the different options to download reddit videos.

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How to get a Reddit Video Link to Download

You have to copy a link to download Reddit videos with any site on this page.

Get Reddit Video Link via URL

Go to the video you want to download from the Reddit thread

In the address bar of the browser, select the text

Press the “Ctrl + C” or right-click and “Copy.” the text

Directly Get Reddit Video Link 

  • Open the video from the Reddit thread you want to download.
  • Below the video, make a click on the “Share.” 
  • Make a click to “Copy Link.”

Websites List to Download Reddit Videos

RVDL ~ Reddit Video Downloader

RVDL is the most used website to download audio and video content from Reddit posts. You can download the content from here Audio and video in many resolutions, you can download video without Audio and can download the Audio only.

The video is available in resolutions such as HD, SD, 8K, 4K and also depend on the original quality of video. You can download the videos here by following these steps.

  • Copy the Reddit video URL.
  • Go to the RVDL Reddit Video Downloader website, paste the Reddit video copied URL, and click “Download.”
  • A new page will open, an image preview will appear on the right, a Subreddit on the left, and below it is the post in the middle with a download option. Select the resolution you want to download or just audio.
  • The download pop-up will show; now select the “Save as” filename, and save location. Tap on the “Save” when done.
  • While downloading a video, appears a progress box. Make a click on the file to start it and verify that you’re wanted video has downloaded.

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One of the tremendous downloading websites along with the best features. This site enables you to download the video without Audio or Audio without video.

  • Open website.
  • In the white text box, enter the URL of video you want to download and tap on the SUBMIT.
  • If you want to download a video with Audio, click on “DOWNLOAD HD VIDEO” or download just video or audio as you wish.
  • If you want to download a thumbnail for video, then make a click on “Thumbnail JPG file.”


A very straightforward method to download the Reddit videos, Redditsave offers SD and HD resolutions, and you can download only in two resolutions and not an audio-only choice.

Here’s how to download with it.

  • Copy the Reddit video’s URL you want to download
  • Open the RedditSave website, paste the URL, and click on “Download.”
  • A new page will load and show the video’s title, along with a preview image and audio status, and show the download options. Make a click on the “SD Version.”
  • Or “Download HD Video.”
  • Now select the download option, and click on “Save.”
  • The downloading progress will appear. When it is completed, click the link to open the video and verify it has been done.
  • The default player loads videos and plays, so make sure the results.

These are the best website to download Reddit videos. Although there are some apps also to download Reddit videos some of them do not properly work. These sites will be helpful for you.

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