How to Fix Astro a50 Not Turning On

How to Fix Astro a50 Not Turning On

Astro a50 is a very expensive headset; you purchase it for more than $300 so it is not budget-friendly. But the use of Astro a50 is very penny. You get a high-quality sound level; this is difficult for other brands to offer such a thing. Astro A50 is a wireless headset and is available with a base station.

Some user complains that the Astro a50 won’t turn on. This issue can be due to different causes, so here are simple fixes to turn on the Astro A50.

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How to Fix Astro a50 Not Turning On

Check Battery Status

The first cause can be battery has drained out and the headset is not turning on. In this situation, connect the headset with the base station and wait for 2 to 3 hours. The battery charging status will appear at the base station and when A50 will be completely charged take out it and turn on the headset.

Some users couldn’t charge the device properly, because they could not connect it with the base station correctly. So make sure the headset is correctly connected with the base station.

Hard Resetting

Resetting the Astro A50 fully is also a fix to this issue. If the headset won’t turn on then try to reset it. You just need to hold down the Dolby button and the Game mode button at the same time on the right side of the headset. Holding the button for 20 to 25 seconds and the headset will reset.

You will see the battery indicator will move out and move back to the base station. When noticed the battery indicator then connect the device with the base station and try to turn it on. It is a big loss for the users when the Astro A50 is not working because they have paid much for it. Before resetting the process the power switch should be on.

Device Repairing

If you have tried both methods upper mentioned then there is a need to repair the device. An expert can point out the fault and can fix it.

The user who has the warranty for this device can contact the store from where they bought the headset. During shipping, most of the electronics get damaged. So you should file a claim on the warranty and can get a replacement order.

Get suggestions

You can discuss your problem on different networking platforms from where you can get connected with people from the world and they can suggest you the best fixes or can share the experience with you.

You will definitely get the best solution from there.

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