Causes of Dark Oak Sapling Not Growing In Minecraft?

dark oak sapling not growing

A player in Minecraft is spawned into an indiscriminately generated world. There are different kinds of biomes in the world. If a player wants together more resources, then must explore all of them. When a player reaches a certain point, he gets access to growing trees and builds the farms.  

Dark oak sapling is a different sapling utilized to produce dark oak trees. These can be only via dark oak trees. Instead of growing them, players use them for decorative blocks and as fuel.

How to grow Dark Oak Sapling in Minecraft

To grow a Dark Oak Sapling in Minecraft, you need to follow these steps:

Growing in Minecraft needs more than seed planting. It doesn’t seem very easy for beginners because they don’t know this thing and wonder how they can do so. When they have less information, then they complain that dark oak saplings are not growing.

Obtain Dark Oak Saplings

 You can obtain Dark Oak Saplings by breaking Dark Oak Leaves. Dark Oak Trees are found in Dark Oak Forests, typically in Roofed Forest biomes.

Prepare Planting Area

Dark Oak Saplings require a 2×2 area to grow, meaning you must plant four saplings in a square formation. Make sure the area is clear of obstructions and suitable for tree growth.

Plant the Saplings

 Place the Dark Oak Saplings in a 2×2 formation on the ground. Ensure that each sapling has enough space around it to grow.

Wait for Growth

Dark Oak Saplings take some time to grow into trees. Unlike other saplings, they don’t grow instantly when Bonemeal is applied. You’ll need to wait a while for them to grow naturally.

Optional: Apply Bonemeal (if necessary)

 You can use Bonemeal on the saplings to speed up the growth process. Right-click the saplings with Bonemeal to encourage growth. However, remember that Dark Oak Trees might only sometimes grow with Bonemeal and may require natural growth conditions.

Ensure Proper Lighting

Ensure the saplings have sufficient light levels to grow. If the area is too dark, the saplings may not grow.


Growing Dark Oak Trees requires patience. Sometimes, saplings may take a while to grow into trees. Be patient and continue to monitor the saplings.

You can grow Dark Oak Trees in Minecraft by following these steps and ensuring that the saplings have the right conditions.

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Why Won’t My Dark Oak Sapling Grow

Several factors could prevent a dark oak sapling from growing:

Space Problem

Ensure there’s enough space around the sapling to grow. Dark oak trees require a 2×2 space to grow, so make sure there’s room for the tree to expand.

Light Level Problem

 Like other saplings, dark oak saplings require a certain light level to grow. Make sure the sapling is exposed to sufficient light. Consider adding torches or other light sources nearby if it’s too dark.

Check Bonemeal

 While not always necessary, using bonemeal on the sapling can encourage faster growth. Right-click the sapling with bonemeal to see if it helps it grow.

Type of Soil

 Dark oak saplings can grow on regular dirt, coarse dirt, or grass blocks but not on podzol or mycelium. Ensure that the sapling is planted on a suitable block.


 Check for any obstructions above or around the sapling. The sapling won’t grow into a tree if blocks or objects block its growth.

It takes Time

 Sometimes, growth takes time. Dark oak trees may take a while to grow compared to other types of trees. Be patient and give it some time.

Your dark oak sapling should eventually grow into a tree by ensuring these conditions are met. If none of these factors are the issue, your game might have a glitch or technical problem.

Some Other Factors: Why is the dark oak sapling not growing?

First of all, you need to do it correctly. You have to plant in a 2×2 box, which is essential for dark oak saplings to grow. This is the space that they usually take.

A very effective way, it will not grow if a single dark oak sapling is in the formation because it requires 4 saplings planted together in a 2×2 box to grow. Most of the players don’t know about it. This issue can be with you as well.

If the dark oak saplings are not growing, it can be due to plant a single sapling. If you plant 4 of them together, then they will grow quickly.

You don’t think that 4 saplings grow into 4 trees, as the single sapling doesn’t grow in anything. But the 4 saplings placed together will grow as a single dark oak tree form. So for this, 4 saplings are required in the first place.

Remember it; the dark oak sapling is not just a tiny version. Growing the sapling is a time-consuming process. If you do everything correctly, they will show progress soon.

Final Words

Above, we have mentioned dark oak saplings not growing in Minecraft. Sometimes, it is the player’s mistake, and the saplings are not growing. But after following the instructions, you will be able to grow the dark oak sapling trees in Minecraft.

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