How to Find Dusklight Shard Destiny 2

Dusklight Shard Destiny 2

Like many other planetary resources,  it’s also simple to stock up on the Dusklight shards Destiny 2 and very easy to burn through them. All across the EDZ, these resource spawns, and players already have a significant amount of them just from completing activities, bounties in the region, or Patrols.

Dusklight Shard can use in different ways. Enhancement Prisms, Banshee-44-sells, and Ascendant Shards for an everyday rotating planetary resource, you have to shell out some Dusklight shard if you want to top up the upgrade materials. You can turn them into Devrim kay for emblems and shot at EDZ gear; its cost is 50 to 60 shards per level. It’s easy to spend the entire stock depending on what you are going for.

There are different ways to earn the Dusklight Shards; it provides players other avenues to restock if they are in a rush. Here are some steps to get the Dusklight Shard in Destiny 2.

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On the off chance that you’re pressed on time, and the vendor rotations don’t incline toward you, chances are your go-to strategy for gathering Dusklight Shard will be harvesting them in the wild. Dusklight Shards will generally appear around the EDZ, and players can collect them directly from their node.

Dusklight Shards come from the white, tall plants that can easily be seen in the wild. If you want to harvest them by hand, they must bring the appropriate Ghost Mods.

Resource Detector will show you the Duskligh Shard nodes on the screen from up to 75 meters away, and the Bountiful Harvest provides a chance to get more materials from harvesting.

The Spider

The Spider destiny 2

The Spider on the Tangled Shore can have the Dusklight Shards on his inventory if you are lucky. His stock Daily rotates, so make sure to keep trying every reset. He sells many planetary materials every day, and they can be Legendary Shards, cost Glimmer, or some other resources from the patrol areas. If you want to get the Dusklight Shard in bulk, you have to wait till the Spider sells materials for Legendary Shards or Glimmer and stock up on them.

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EDZ Bounties and Patrols

EDZ destiny 2

Devrim Kay’s bounties and Patrols on the EDZ will also give guardians a modest quantity of Dusklight Shards. Every bounty grants 10 of the resource, while Patrols will give out a couple of Shards. In itself, farming Dusklight Shards just from bounties or Patrols is a horrible thought, considering Devrim has three bounties consistently. Guardians should complete Patrols and bounties while they’re gathering Dusklight Shards, nonetheless, to accelerate the method involved with grabbing the shards.

Season Pass Materials (Destination Resource Bundle)

Seasonal material destiny 2

Destiny 2’s Season Passes provides a chain of planetary resources on every few levels in particular packaging known Destination Resource Bundle. These will give you 50 of every material, including Dusklight Shards. The Season of the Lost pass has 10 of those bundles, one for every ten levels roughly, and if you haven’t already top up the Dusklight Shards, you can redeem them.

This is a one-off reward, which is the downside of this method, as you cannot redeem them again after first grabbing them. If you are on time-pressed and yet cannot collect them, this will be a surefire method to top up the materials.

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