Best Sword Enchantments Minecraft

Best sword enchantments Minecraft

Minecraft has fantastic tools; every device can be infused with specific enchantments. All the enchantments play a significant role and are essential in Minecraft. So with the magic of tools, you can improve your Minecraft performance and learn about the enchantments for sword in Minecraft.  This vast range of tools sometimes confuses you in selecting the best tool for the best performance.

Although there are many enchantments for swords in Minecraft, choosing the best one is tricky. More effective enchantments for a sword are Sharpness, Unbreaking, Sweeping Edge, Looting, and others, and all these enchantments play different roles. If it is difficult for you to use these enchantments for various purposes, what are these tools’ advantages and disadvantages? Here are the details.

How many Enchantments Can A Sword Have?

The number of sword enchantments is limited. A various number of enchantments can use for multiple purposes. The enchantments make the sword durable, effective, and long-lasting. Some of the magic cannot operate simultaneously because they are incompatible. 

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What Things you Need to Enchant a Sword

With these items, you can enchant a sword in Minecraft according to your choice.

  • Enchantment
  • table
  • Bookshelves
  • Books
  • Diamonds
  • Obsidians
  • Stick
  • Lapis Lazuli

What are the Best Enchantments of Sword in Minecraft

Every tool has unique requirements and enchantments, and the same enchantments cannot be used for all tools. Like Sharpness cannot be used on some tools and items. (like bow and armor)

If you want to get fantastic enchantments, you first gain the maximum experience points. You can get the facts in different ways like smelting iron, trading, killing mobs, and frying food. You can increase the enchanting sword when you can get the best experience points.

Best Enchantments for a Minecraft Sword:

  1. Looting III
  2. Mending 
  3. Sharpness V
  4. Unbreaking III
  5. Sweeping Edge III
  6. Fire Aspect II

Furthermore, ideas about getting Enchantments

1. Looting III

The primary purpose of these enchantments is to kill the outside mobs and gain the maximum loot. A sword enchanted with Looting III lets you play better by getting the essential items in loot when killing the creatures.

How To Get Looting III Enchantment? 

For this enchantment, books are required in your inventory. Now enchant a book by opening the crafting table. You will automatically gain the Looting enchantment for a sword. Now combine the books and Looting enchantment to get this enchantment for the sword. This can be achieved by setting up the villagers’ farms.

With Looting III, you can get the maximum number of tools for killing animals, mobs, and monsters. For meat and leather, you have to kill a cow. Usually, without Looting, you will gain 1 or 2 drops; with Looting, you can successfully get 3 or 4 drops simultaneously.

Conversely, Looting III will not support you in collecting many ender pearls quickly. You can get only 3 to 4 ender pearls at the same time.   

2. Mending

(It is a powerful and rare enchantment for a sword in Minecraft. With this enchantment, you can increase the overall durability of the sword. But acquiring it is not easy.

How To Get Mending Enchantment?

You can get this from:

  • Fishing
  • Trading
  • Enchanted books
  • Chest loot
  • Raids

With this enchantment, the repairing rate of the sword roughly doubles. One way to get it is by using the enchantment books if you want less effort. For this, you must trade with villagers, which is time-consuming.

3. Sharpness V

The world of Minecraft is filled with zombies, monsters, and many other wild creatures. You can acquire one if you have a sword enchantment along with one of these to fight the end. Sharpness sword enchantment enables you to significantly enhance the damage due to the sword. You can get this enchantment for the sword from the steps below.

How To Get Sharpness V Enchantment?

Getting this enchantment required an enchantment book and collecting the other items also:

  • 1 Book
  • 3 Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is used to power the enchanting table. It can be gained by crafting, mining, and smelting with any accessible fuel. To make an enchanted book, you have to mine bookshelves.

When you have mined or crafted the enchantment book, open the crafting table now and keep the enchanted book there. Now choose the Sharpness from the inventory and enchant the sword with Sharpness. There you will have your wanted enchantment.

Sharpness can reach level 5, the highest level of Sharpness, V.

This is shocking for the mobs you will encounter. It is very efficient and devastating but also adds additional damage of 1.25 to the sword. Your enchantment will be a lot more potent at the highest level.

Using Sharpness enchantment with an anvil increases the damage power by 1.25. So the damage level decreases up to 0.625 per level in the absence of an anvil.

4. Unbreaking III

To enhance the durability of sword manifolds, Unbreaking III is highly recommended. It is the essential enchantment for swords in Minecraft.

How To Get Unbreaking III Enchantment?

Getting Unbreaking III is not tricky. You can get it by following the steps mentioned below.

First, make a villager trading farm. Keep it on breaking and change the lectern. Continue the procedure until you get your wanted enchantment. After a while, Unbreaking III will be in your inventory. Now with unbreaking III, you can enchant your sword.

Find an enchantment book by fishing with a fishing rod for this enchantment.

This can find out inside a chest.

Unbreaking III is a universal enchantment. Sword enchanted can be used multiple times with this enchantment. As shown by the name, this enchantment is unbreakable, making your blade robust, long-lasting, and durable. 

Remember that this enchantment cannot be used with many other enchantments as it makes a compatible combination.

5. Sweeping Edge III

Sweeping Edge III is a high-class enchantment to Minecraft – Java Edition.

A sword with this enchantment enables you to save yourself from deadly monsters in a better way by inflicting damage on various enemies close to one sweep. This enchantment enhances the damage due to your sword.

How To Get Sweeping Edge III Enchantment?

To gain it required an enchantment book along with all the necessary enchantments. You can get this book by exploring Minecraft. Once you get this enchantment for the sword, the crafting table and enchant commands will also be used.

This enchantment enhances the damage to your enemies, boosts the sword more effectively, and sweeps attacks. When you are alone, it helps you a lot.

The disadvantage is that you cannot use it while moving around the enemies.

 6. Fire Aspect II

  A sword with Fire Aspect II is more harmful than a standard sword. It sets the enemies on fire. This enchantment can use for all types of swords, like stone, swords of iron, diamond, wood, gold, and Nephrite.

 How To Get Fire Aspect II Enchantment?

Seventeen bookshelves are required to gain Fire Aspect II. A diamond sword can also be enchanted with this enchant. It would be best if you had things for this purpose:

  • Two diamonds
  • One stick

With Fire Aspect, you can kill enemies in a few seconds. An increase in the level of the sword will increase the damage percentage. You can use the Fire Aspect to set and target the foes on fire. Apart from this, with this enchantment, you will need to cook food.

The back draw of this enchantment is that this is not durable. With time it stops working. But you can use it along with some other sword enchantment that Minecraft allows.

Best Minecraft Combine Enchantments For A Sword

Enchantment is a vital tool that boosts the efficiency of the sword and revamps it. Players use it to keep safe allies and to battle with enemies in the best way. So the best enchantment combination boots its performance.

The best Minecraft Combine enchantments are:

Looting III, Sweeping Edge III, Unbreaking III, Smite V, and Mending.

Best Minecraft Netherite Sword Enchantments

One of the best enchantments in Minecraft is Mending, as it is helpful for all items of durability.  But without Experience points, it does not work on the Netherite sword. The best Minecraft Netherite sword Enchantments include:


  • Effective against all kinds of mobs somewhat.
  • So the enchantment level is 5
  • It is also used to boost the working of the Minecraft sword.


  • Helpful to protect the sword from taking damage
  • For a sword highly recommend enchantment
  • The enchantment level is 3
  • It provides 10% additional endurance to the sword

Curse of Vanishing

  • Unable to boost the toughness of the tool
  • No fit for survival mode
  • Using to curse the weapon, it vanishes along with the character’s death.
  • The maximum level of enchantment is level 1.

Bane of Arthropods 

  • It harms bees, spiders, mites, and other insects.
  • It is used to kill arthropods also. 
  • Its maximum enchantment level is level 4.

Fire Aspect

  • It saves the cooking time
  • It is the best meal preparation weapon.
  • Used to set enemies on fire
  • Best to kill non-targeted mobs which come in contact with targeted mobs.
  • The highest enchantment level is level 2.


  • It Used to survive when around you have zombies and monsters.
  • It is not perfect for a Netherite sword when you fight more giant creatures.
  • The highest level of this enchantment is level 2.


  • It speeds up the hunting of mobs
  • It used to maximize the things from other players
  • The enchantment level is 3

Sweeping Edge

  • Used to enhance the overall length of sword
  • Used for mobs to maximize the damage
  • Used to gain the winning position too
  • The maximum enchantment level is 3

What is The Most Op Swroed with Enchantment in Minecraft?

When a player needs to survive, the swords enchanted to inflict the enhanced damage are highly overpowered in Minecraft. The most potent enchantment is the Sharpness that it must have. Because It helps increase the Sharpness and deterioration of the sword and expands its length. So the Sharpness can reach level 5 with maximum experience points in the inventory slot.

What is In Minecraft The Most Hardest Sword Enchantment to Get?

In Minecraft, Looting is the most challenging sword enchantment to get. So it is equally important to make your game more inspiring. 

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