How to Update OptiFine in Minecraft

how to update optifine

When there is a matter to make the game better from every angle, whether it be a camera angle improvement, visual improvement performance, or anything else, Mods are the primary factor that makes all kinds of improvements to the game. Installing mods makes the game more interactive and more fun.

The whole community In Minecraft is dedicated to the mods. Here you can get a massive library of mods. Some mods play an essential role in-game and for every player. OptiFine is an optimization mod used for excellent performance and visual improvement in-game. With it, the game runs faster, configuration and looks excellent via fully supported HD texture.  

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How to Update OptiFine in Minecraft?

Every Minecraft player used the OptiFine in-game. Although this is essential, some players still don’t know about updating OptiFine and how it works. If you are also new, here you will learn thoroughly how to update OptiFine.

Updating OptiFine

To Update the OptiFine, you have to download and install the latest version of the mode as it doesn’t update automatically. You have to update it from the internet. You have to download the newest version, it will auto-install it as an update. The old version is also still present in-game you can also use an older version.

How To Download And Install OptiFine?

  • Remember that the OptiFine version and the Minecraft version should be the same. Before downloading, if you are going to update the OptiFine version, update the Minecraft version also.
  • Go to the find out the version that you want to download.
  • After downloading the file, run, and install the program.
  • Now open Minecraft, and go to the profile section.
  • Here you will see an OptiFine profile (if the previously installed OptiFine exists, you can see both the previous and recent version of OptiFine that you just installed).
  • Here choose the newest OptiFine profile.
  • The Latest Version of OptiFine has been installed. Enjoy its features in your game.

Final Words

All about how to update OptiFine in Minecraft: basically, you have to download and install the latest version of the OptiFine. You have to update both Minecraft and OptiFine versions to support each other. After doing that, you can easily update the OptiFine mod. Just follow the instruction thoroughly.

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