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SLP Today, PHP is easy for players to earn SLP in Axie Infinity as they make in Draco in MIR4. It gained popularity from its start, but still, it is the most wanted game in the world. It is popular because it enables players to gain Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies AXS and SLP (SLP value today PHP).

If you are interested in earning SLP or Smooth Love Potion in Axie Infinity and converting SLP to PHP, or even INR or USD, you’re just at the right place! Here, you will learn about earning SLP or Smooth Love Potion in Axie Infinity, SLP to PHP converter, and INR or USD. Moreover, you will also learn the various ways to earn SLP in Axie Infinity. 

So if you have no more knowledge about these methods, then learn from here. This post will help you out as you want.

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What is SLP (Smooth Love Potion)?

As game lovers know, Draco in MIR4 and SLP in Axie Infinity is the same. SLP is a token that players can gain in the Axie Infinity game. In Jan 2022, the Value of SPL’s market was USD 197 Million, with a total supply of three billion.

If you complete certain daily game quests, you can earn SLP in Axie Infinity.

The most exciting thing in Axie Infinity is SLP which makes it more interesting among gamers. Gamers earn SLP in-game and then exchange it on cryptocurrency like Binance. 

 To enhance earnings through gaming skills, you should consider playing Axie Infinity, utilizing your time, and earning more money. People make a large amount of money worldwide by simply showing interest in gaming. 

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How to Earn SLP In Axie Infinity

Here we will tell you the secrets that 100% work to earn SLP in Axie Infinity. You must apply these methods to make SLP and SLP to PHP, converting even USD or INR. 

By Using Daily Quests

The primary thing you need to do is get the advantages of the daily quests you offer by game. But be sure that daily quests are essential and easy to earn SLP in the Axie Infinity. As soon as you complete one daily search in-game, you will be granted 25 SLP. How simple isn’t it?

Play Axie Infinity in PvP Mode

PvP mode in Axie Infinity is the second simple way to earn SLP, apart from completing all the daily quests in-game. 

In the PvP battle, you have to fight against the other Axie Infinity users according to your rankings. Every Arena battle will amount to one in-game energy, and as soon as you complete it, it delivers you a fixed quantity of SLP.  Through a PvP match, the amount of SLP one you obtain is dependent on the fixed MMR.

Remember: You can’t earn SLP as a prize till you possess over 800 MMR.

Play Axie Infinity in PvE Mode

PvE mode is slightly different from PvP mode in Axie Infinity and is a single-player game mode. You can earn the most SLP by playing the game in PvE mode, or Adventure mode is only 50.

The best feature of the PvE mode in-game is that you don’t require any exceptional quantities of energy to play the game in this mode.

You have to beat bosses at specific levels to earn a good amount of SLP in-game.

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How to Transfer SLP to Ronin Wallet

You have collected SLP in the Axie Infinity game through various methods, finishing daily quests and PvP and PvE modes. Now, you need to transfer them to Ronin Wallet. So follow the steps and get your amount. 

  • At the first step, sign in to your Axie Infinity game account and link it to your Ronin Wallet.
  • Once signed in, click on the Claim Tokens option in the menu. You can see the exact amount of SLP in your Axie Infinity account. 
  • Once see the amount, now click on the Claim SLP option. And All your SLP will transfer in your Axie Infinity account directly to your Ronin Wallet that you have linked before. 
  • Now go to the Axie Infinity account’s dashboard and ensure your Ronin Wallet is successfully linked. 
  • Once done, go to the Claim Tokens and tap on the Claim SLP

Process completed. Your SLP successfully transferred from Axie Infinity to your Ronin Wallet. 

How to Buying SLP from Binance

You can also collect the SLP in Axie Infinity from Binance and from finishing off daily quests, playing in PvP mode or PvE mode. 

To earn the SLP from Binance, follow the steps below:

  • First, sign into your Binance account and tap on the Trade option. 
  • Here you will see the option to select Classic and Advanced modes. Here you have to click on the first classic model. 
  • Once done, enter SLP in the search bar and see all SLP marketing pairs available on the Binance website. 
  • Under the Spot section, tap on order kind and add the amount of SLP you want to purchase. 
  • Click on the Buy SLP option for order placement. 
  • Once the order is successfully placed, the selected SLP will be transferred to your account. 

It’s done. 

 SLP to PHP Converter: SLP Price Today PHP?

The Price of SLP PHP is not stable; it keeps changing daily. If you want to know about the SLP price today and the PHP value SLP, you will be given 0.952561. But this price has been calculated with the international Currency Exchange price that acted as SLP to PHP calculator.

So 1 SLP is equal to 1.58 PHP.


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