How to Axie Infinity Download Android and iOS

axie infinity download
  1. Axie Infinity downloads Android from the official website download page of the game. 
  2. You can play Axie Infinity on a smartphone with MetaMask and Ronin Wallet Axie Infinity app.
  3. For Axie infinity iOS, you need the TestFlight app. 

Axie Infinity is the most wanted NFT (Non-fungible token) online game that is getting popular worldwide. Recently a game update was released that brings many new inspiring features for the players to explore and theorycraft. By playing this game, the players earn cryptocurrencies like SLP(smooth love potions and AXS ( Axie Infinity Shards and can replace them with real cryptocurrencies.

You can now play Axie infinity pc on iOS and Android devices. The Axie Origin update can play only on PC, but soon you will play it on mobile as the update is in play.

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How to play axie infinity on Android and iOS

to play the game on Android and iOS, the players have to register their own MetaMask and Ronin Wallet. This enables the players to access the game’s in-game currency and replace them with real money at a low price.

To play this, you have to install the axle infinity app.

How to Install Ronin Wallet

  • Download Ronin Wallet from the Android official link and iOS.
  •  Install the Ronin Wallet app
  •  Once done, open the app and register for the Ronin Wallet account.

How to Install MetaMask

  •  Download MetaMask from the Android official link and iOS.
  •  Install the MetaMask app
  •  Once done, open the app and get register for the MetaMask account.

The players have to purchase at least three Axis from the official  Axie Infinity marketplace. You cannot play the game without an Axie. With the Axie Origin update, you can get three free starters Axis. But this offer is available only for PC players. 

How to install Axie infinity for Android 

  •  Download the game from the official Android Play Store.
  •  Install the axle infinity app
  •  Once done, now open the app and log in to start the game.

Note: To play Axie Infinity on the iOS version, the players need to use the TestFlight app.


How to Install Axie Infinity using TestFlight for iOS

  • Download the TestFlight app from the iOS store
  • Clink on install to install the TestFlight app
  • Visit the Axie Infinity website from this link for iOS 
  • Start the TestFlight app
  • Apply for an Axie Infinity playtester.
  • Now wait for the approval. (This can take some time)
  • Once approved, start Axie Infinity app
  • Submit the Axie infinity QR code free provided to log in to the game.

Once you have the required Axie Infinity apps, you will be able to play games on Android and iOS. By playing games, you enables to earn cryptocurrency, which later can be converted to a genuine crypto wallet. 

You can play the Axie infinity on your mobile device easily, anytime. To prevent your in-game currency and Axis from hackers, you need to keep secure your account credentials

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