What is Copium, and Its Meaning in Twitch chat?

copium meaning

Copium is the most used word in Twitch chat, but the origins have a more political undertone that is less related to gaming.

Initially, this word was used in 4chan and started being used on online forums by right and left-leaning internet users.

The word goes viral on all social media and presents as a FrankerFaeZ emote.

Copium is frequently used in Reddit and Twitch chat, and its usage increased after the recently concluded US elections. Word Copium has been used since 2003 when Keak da Sneak released the Copium album in the US. On community forums and social media, in 2018, the world’s first use was recorded with an anonymous 4chan user using the word in int/board.

Copium was adopted into Twitch chat when a Twitch user, COUNCIL, uploaded it as a FrankerFaceZ emote. Although it’s not a famously used emote, its presence in Twitch chat is exciting.

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What is Copium Meaning in Twitch Chat?

Copium is a portmanteau word in Twitch chat. When combined with two words to form a new word, it is called a portmanteau word. For example, we use the word “Brunch” a combination of breakfast and lunch.

Copium is a word for Cope (to deal with and try to resolve problems and difficulties) and Opium (a Drug).

Copium in Twitch Chat is like a medicine that copes with failure or loss on stream. Usually, it is portrayed using a Pepe the Frog meme, which shows the character hooked to a Copium tank.

When Did Copium Become Famous on Twitch Chat?

Copium in Twitch chat is not very relevant but is a commonly used word on social media networks, especially Reddit. The phrase popularized on the subreddit r/the_meltdown was one of the subreddits. The subreddit was created in 2016 for internet users sad at Donald Trump’s win.

The word began on 4chan and became famous among right-leaning users on Reddit and other social media networks like Twitch. Copium was primarily used in some emotes, where the meme and original emote were edited to show the page, The Frog, wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ cap.

The updated definition of Copium was posted by Urban Dictionary user enterprise 1701, who explained the word as a metaphorical opiate mainly caused by sports and politics. The word Copium is not so famous on Twitch chat, but it is a meme with an extensive history behind it and has been used in the political context mostly since 2016. It has been a famous shared meme during the last two US presidential elections.

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