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Sky Mavis revealed Origin Cards for Axie Infinity in the next patch update.

  • Revealed cards include Horn, Tail, Back, Ear, and Mouth.
  • Some cards are upgraded from their old version to fit the upcoming Origin update mechanics.

Along with the latest Axie Infinity: Origin update on the horizon, the backend developers of the famous NFT game Sky Mavi have provided the players with a sneak peek at the following lineup of cards, including in-game. The revealed cards include Horn, Tail Back, Ear, and Mouth. With these, you can build a set of combos and playstyles depending on the player’s priority and Axis used. Here are added all the axie world cards revealed so far by developers.

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Origin Horn (Axie Cards)


Think about how the Origin update changes how Critical strikes work; Little Branch is something that focuses on the Critical damage playstyle. The card gets a rage point per ally, which is still in the battle, including summoned entities. Fast rage regeneration will make sure you have to deliver a fatal blow first before your enemy do.


Origin Back List

Green Thorn is a card that can find out in the upcoming Origin update. This will apply the two stacks of random targets six times and heal an Axie for 20HP. Green Thorn is excellent for fast healing and works well with others that gain more power based on the enemy’s having how many poison hacks.


Origin Ear

Tiny Fan card is an elementary card in look but is beneficial in the Ear list. With this, you can gain three damage boosts and withdraw one more card. There are two advantages of playing this card without the cost of any energy.


Origin Mouth Cards

Peace Maker cards can turn the tide of battle, especially against opponents that can damage massive potential. This will apply weak for two turns but in case of the target already has weak debuff; additionally, it deals 15 more damage. This can decrease the damage potential of a target and can take a reasonable chunk off of its HP.

Waiting for the highly anticipated Axie Infinity, Origin update, the players can start strategizing and building the correct cards on their Axis based on the developers’ card list.

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