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Axie Infinity is getting more popular at the moment, one of the most wanted NFT games. You have to purchase the 3 Axies from the Axie Infinity marketplace to get started. A marketplace is a place from where you buy land, Axies, decorations and other in-game resources.

P2E games have been very inspiring for the world’s users since 2021. The primary cause of attraction to this game is its massive earning potential as the gamers play a Pokemon-style game and earn AXS and SLP tokens. Later on, these tokens can exchange for money.

Here you will learn all about the Axie Infinity Marketplace to guide you to get started. First of all, we need to know about NFL.

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So “Non-Fungible Token is the abbreviation of NFT, which means that the token cannot be replicated or is not replaceable. These not replaceable tokens can represent content like video, audio or photos.

Bitcoin can exchange with another Bitcoin because both have the same value, but you cannot exchange an artwork or a one-of-a-kind trade card with another artwork or trading card.

NFTs are similar to cryptocurrencies. The difference is that NFTs represent the antiques, artworks, collectables and some other unique items. Just like cryptocurrencies, NFTs are stored on a blockchain. So when you divide the NFTs into smaller fragments, their value is reduced. The NFT creator can also create the copies and sell them, but these copies get recorded on the blockchain.

Why NFT Marketplace is Important?

NFT marketplace is a network; by using it, you can buy, sell and trade NFTs. You have to get axie infinity sign up to buy or sell and connect your crypto wallets. Here you can see a lot of NFTs. OpenSea is the more extensive NFT trading network as of now.


There are four primary features in Axie Infinity gameplay: Land, battles, breeding and marketplace axie infinity. Here we will discuss all features in detail.

Land: the name of Axie Infinity’s universe is “Lunacia”. The land is divided into 90,601 pates, and every part is an ERC-721 token. The piece of land is a home for Axies. With good luck, you can find the AXS tokens on your land. With other in-game things like land decors, your plot can be upgraded that you purchase from the marketplace.

Breeding: Another best way to earn crypto rewards is by breeding and trading Axies. The trait of offspring is determined by the genes of the Axies that bred together. The developers of Axie Infinity have also shown a method of Axie population controlling. That’s why each Axie, only seven-time can bred. You are charged .002 ETH each time you breed Axies. These newly bred Axies can also deploy into the battlefields or other breed them.

Battle: there are two modes in Axie Infinity, PvP mode and Adventure mode. In the PVP mode, the Axies fight other players, Axies into the turn-based card strategy rounds. And Adventure mode has the levels where your Axies move against bosses. All the Axies have different traits, but four stats are the same for all, Skills, HP, speed and morale. However, every Axie belonging to one of nine classes.


You will have to create an account on Ronin, MetaMask and require some ETH.


Robin wallet is a sidechain of the Ethereum blockchain network created by Sky Mavis. To start the Axie Infinity, players need to create an account on Ronin. The players can save on gas fees, easier onboarding, and faster user transactions with a sidechain.

Here’s how to create an account on Ronin:

  • Go to the Axie Infinity’s official website and hit on “Getting started”
  • You will be asked to sign up for Ronin
  • Follow the appearing instructions and complete the process
  • To play the Axie Infinity add Ronin as a browser extension.


MetaMask is a digital wallet used to interact with the Ethereum blockchain. Here’s how you can get started with MetaMask:

  • MetaMask download as a browser extension for Firefox and Chrome. 
  • Create an account on MetaMask as the prompt appears and your wallet is ready.
  • Go to the Axie Infinity marketplace and link your MetaMask.
  • Once the verification process is completed, you can purchase Axies.

As mentioned above, to start up the game, you need to buy three Axies.


You have to pay to play the Axie Infinity; trading in this place, you have to pay a fee of 4.25%. If you earn 100 USD sales, a 4.25% fee is charged as a seller. This fee gets to Sky Mavis, the game creator. From 2021, the cost went into the community treasury and using as a reward for the AXS token holders.

Buyers don’t need to pay the marketplace fee. However, the buyers will have to pay gas fees charged during the transactions. Depending on the transaction’s speed, you will have to pay the gas fees.

How to Buy Axie in the Marketplace

You can purchase at Axie Infinity marketplace only with ETH because the market is based on the Ethereum blockchain. So the players use MetaMask to shop Axies and other things from the Axie Infinity marketplace.


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