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Blooket is the latest online quiz and trivia options website for teachers. It is very simple to Blooket join and gets the advantage. Once you Blooket login on the website as a teacher, you can create your wanted sets of questions on any title. You can also see the Sets created by other members. You can host the games by creating a set of questions for your students.

Blooket is a unique website, not an app, where you can use the same set of questions for various game styles with students. The teacher hosts a Battle Royale or Gold Quest, a Classic game, and five other options.

Students can join Booklet without creating an account. They need to go to, join the game you hosted, and then enter the pin you have received when hosting a game. Most of the games can play at their own pace, and there is no need to share the teacher’s screen with students. If you are playing the game with Virtual students, this is an excellent choice. You can host the games to assign the homework to students to complete in a set time, or students can play simultaneously.

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When you reach the 5th grade of the game, you will be able to see clear advantages. Before starting a game with students, you should have complete information about the Blooket play. So first of all, you need to know:

What is a Blooket?

Blooket is an online network that enables teachers to play a game, and students join the game by using a code received by teachers while hosting a game. Teachers can launch the Blooket as a class to create the ultimate competition. Or you can assign it to students Solo so they can practice it at their own pace without any pressure. Students can unlock the Blooks (cute avatars) by earning points.

You can use your points to purchase themed Blooks, like Medieval Box or Wonderland Box. The students can also compete for various blocks like the horse or the fancy toast frequently. It is a way of excitement for the students when they see Blooket on their schedule.

How to Blooket Login

To get the advantages of Blooket to create sets, discover new sets, host games, view stats, unblock Blooks, and update and manage your account and Blooks, you have to log in to your Blooket account.
Visit the URL for login to your Blooket account.

Blooket Join Game

To participate in answering questions and compete in a fierce clash to know who is genius and what Blook will be victorious. You have to join a game of Blooket.

To join a game on Blooket, follow these steps:

Get the Game Code

The host or teacher should provide you with a game code. This is a unique code that allows you to join their specific game.

Go to Blooket

Open a web browser on your computer or the Blooket app on your device.

Enter the Game Code

On the Blooket homepage, you’ll see an option to “Enter a Game Code” or something similar. Click on that option.

Enter the Code

Input the game code provided by the host or teacher into the designated field. Make sure to enter it accurately.

Join the Game

Once you’ve entered the code, click on the “Join Game” button or a similar option. This will connect you to the game session.

Wait for Confirmation

You might need to wait a moment while the system processes your request. Once you’re successfully connected, you’ll see the game’s name, your username, and possibly a waiting screen.

Start Playing

When the game is ready to start, the host or teacher will initiate the game. Follow their instructions on the screen to participate and answer questions.

Play the Game

During the game, you’ll likely have a set of questions or tasks to complete. Interact with the game interface based on the game’s rules and mechanics.

Finish the Game

The game will eventually come to an end based on the set criteria or the number of questions played. You might see your score and how you ranked compared to others.

You can join it by visiting the link:

How to Host a Blooket Play

If you have a Wiki account, you can easily host a Blooket. Go to the game’s website and log in ( as Booklet login URL is mentioned above). Tap on the Host tab, then Game Modes, and tap the Select Gamemode icon. Now select a game mode and enter the settings for your players. Once choose the game mode, you can launch the game now. To host a Blookst, you should have a teacher account. Wiki account creation is free. Once you have created your free, premium, or plus account, tap on the Host tab to create a game. Here you need to select a mode and select the number of players. On the left side of the page, you can see the number of players you need.

Once you have created the Wiki account, you can choose the game mode and invite the players to play. You can generate the Wiki page by entering your game codes. To get registered, tap on the Start icon and follow the guidelines. You will be asked several questions. If you have answered correctly, then a code will send to you in your email box.

To host a Blooket, you should have a classroom or projector. The game can play in a classroom or individually. The teacher will choose the question set, and all the participants will answer the questions. Every student is given a specific time to respond. The time of the game is 25 minutes. It is an efficient way to teach the students and enhance their skills to become good musicians. For details visit the URL:

How to Blooket Create

Apply these steps on how to create a set. Usually, first of all, go to the Create Set tab. Then enter the basic information


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