PlayStation 4 Error Code WS-37469-9:Easy Fixes (2023)

PlayStation 4 Error Code WS-37469-9

PlayStation4 is not known to video gaming lovers, and it is a great console people have used to stream and play games. Sometimes you face a WS-37469-9 error when you try to play an online game or when you try to access the PlayStation Direct, PlayStation Video, and PlayStation Store. Many users complain that this is not a new thing, but there are straightforward solutions to resolve the problem.

Causes of Error Code WS-37469-9? 

There are some common reasons for this error, like the WS-37469-9 error code occurs due to network-related problems and down servers that your Console is disconnected to PlayStation Servers.

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Fixes to Fix the Error code ws-37469-9

Restart Router

Turn your router off for five to six minutes and then turn it on to check if there is a problem with your router,

Check PlayStation Network Status

The error occurs due to Down Official servers; Network status can check by visiting the official website, where you can check the status of Gaming and social, Account management, PlayStation Store, PlayStation Video, and PlayStation Direct.

There will be a green circle to the left of the service name if the service is properly working. If all services are working well, you will see a green checkmark above the list of services.

If there is no green signal next to your relevant services, there is a service problem, and you have to wait for PlayStation to resolve the issue.

Visit the PlayStation’s Twitter page if the PlayStation server is down. The user tags the problem here, and the PlayStation service provider tries to resolve the issue without wasting time.

Or visit DownDetector to know about the status of active services or when it is not.

Restart the PlayStation 4 in Safe Mode

To get rid of unnecessary software glitches, restart the PlayStation 4 in safe mode by following the steps:

  • Press and hold the power icon for 3 to 4 seconds to turn off the console
  • Now hold the power icon and wait for the two beeps
  • Connect PlayStation controller to console
  • On the consoler press the PS button
  • Contact Service Providers

If you have tried all the solutions and still PS4 error code WS-37469-9 still there, get the solution to the PlayStation support service page, select PlayStation Hardware, and then your issue’s relevant category.

Closing Thoughts

If you are tired of PlayStation 4 error WS-37469-9, apply our simple, easy fixes that will 100% work for you. You can get professional support also. You will find the solution from this article’s guidelines.

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