PS4 Controller Yellow Light 4 Easy Fixes

PS4 Controller Yellow Light 4 Easy Fixes

DualShock Controllers are used to make the use of the PS4 console easy. DualShock controllers flash with different colors on the indicator lights. These other colors indicate how they work. To set up and pairing with the console is quite a simple process.

Although DualShock flashes with various lights color, here we will talk about the PS4 Controller Yellow Light of Death, where the DualShock controller sparkles with a sudden yellow light. It irritates you when this PS4 Controller, Yellow Light of Death, appears during your gaming session. If you are facing this problem, resolve it with these simple fixes that are proven and 100% will work for you. First, we will discuss why ps4 controller light yellow occurs. There can be three basic reasons for this error.

Causes of Yellow Light on PS4 Controller?

Default Charging Cable

PS4 controller yellow light shows when your Charging cable is damaged or not properly working. The cable can be damaged due to wear and tear. To resolve the issue, replace the charging cable and check whether the PS4 Yellow Light issue is gone.  

Damaged USB Connector

Using a USB connector with a DualShock controller might cause yellow light when the USB cable is not properly connected or is damaged. To resolve the problem, replace the USB connector and then see if the issue is resolved or not.

Faulty Internal Hardware

Faulty Internet Hardware might cause Yellow light of Death because the DualShock controller can sustain hardware issues. It can cause physical or wear and tear damage.

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How to Fix PS4 Controller Yellow Light Issue

Here we will discuss the solutions but some important points that need fixing. Make sure that the controller is connected properly to the console.

Remove the damaged cables, including the USB connector and charging cable.

If you are still facing the Yellow light problem, apply these fixes. They will work for you.

Restart PS4

Restarting the PS4 helped to remove many common issues. It resets all the connections like Bluetooth connections from PS4 controller.

Restart PS4 in this way:

  •  On your console, press and hold the PS icon.
  •  From the screen, select Power, then Restart to reboot the PS4.
  •  After that, connect your controller and check if the yellow light still appears.

Reset your PS4 Controller

All the PS4 controller has a reset button to resolve the problems like Yellow Light. Then use it to fix the problem.

  • Turn off your PS4 controller and, flip it to its backside, find the reset icon. It will be near the screw on the top right corner. 
  • With the help of a Needle or small pin, push the icon inside a small hole and press it for Four to five seconds.
  • Now, turn on the console and connect the DualShock controller. Check if the yellow light is still showing.

Connect your PS4 Controller While the Console is Off

If you are facing a problem with your PS4 connecting while it’s turned on before it boots up, try to connect it. This method is good if the DualShock controller has no problem regarding cable or hardware damage.

Follow these steps for the process:

  •  Press the power icon to turn off the PS4 console and unplug the console.
  •  Now connect the PS4 controller to the console and press PS and Share icons on the controller.
  •  Press and hold onto the icons until the controller indicator light begins blinking.
  • Turn on the console and press the PS icon on the controller repeatedly, then check if the light is still yellow or turned blue.

Initialize The PS4

If the fixes mentioned above are not working, then this is time to initialize your PS4 console. The Yellow light problems can be due to removing some data. Initialize PS4 is the same as factory restart, where games, apps and console data are removed permanently and corrupt. Before going through this process, keep the backup of your important data.

Initialize steps are mentioned below:

  •  Turned off the PS4 and then pressed and held the power icon for eight to ten seconds and waited for a second beep. This process will prepare your console in safe mode.
  • Choose Initialize from the options.
  • After completing the process, connect the controller to the console and check if the yellow light problem has been solved.  

Closing Thoughts

ps4 controller yellow light of Death error will not be a problem for gamers because we show you all the best and proven PS4 controller yellow light error fixes. Just apply these steps and live away from such types of irritating problems.


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