How to Fix Why is My PS4 So Loud

Why is My PlayStation So Loud

While playing games, if you are using a PS4 console device and it makes a loud noise from its fan, the PS4 is a powerful device and supports more than 3000 digital games in its game library. Compatible with Switch, Nintendo’s Wii U, and Microsoft. 

Besides these qualities, there are some hardware issues with PS4. So, if you are facing a PS4 loud fan problem, you can fix it with these solutions.

Why is My PS4 Fan So Loud?

So the question is, why is PS4 loud? The first thing can be due to hardware problems. This problem can be solved by a built-in ventilation system that already built-in fans help maintain the ConsoleConsole to a normal temperature and cool it down. Some other reasons can be like:

  • Dust accumulation
  • Poor ventilation
  • Overheating
  • Outdated firmware
  • Faulty fan
  • Hard drive issues
  • Position of the PS4
  • Power supply issues

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How to Fix PS4 Loud Fan Error

Various factors can cause a loud PS4, and addressing the issue depends on the specific reason behind the noise. Here are some common solutions that you can apply on your hand:

Dust accumulation

Dust can accumulate inside your PS4, especially in the cooling system. Compressed air blows out the dust from the vents. Make sure to turn off the PS4 and unplug it before cleaning.

 PS4 Needs a Well Ventilated Area

PS4 has cooling events at the back and sides; if the vents are blocked, these overheat the ConsoleConsole and make fan noise. Ensure that your PS4 has enough space around it for proper airflow. Don’t place it in an enclosed space or on surfaces that can block the vents. Using a cooling stand with additional fans may also help.


If your PS4 is overheating, it may work harder to cool itself, resulting in louder fan noise. Ensure it’s not placed in direct sunlight or near other heat sources. Consider using an external cooling fan or an elevated stand to help with heat dissipation.

Use Compressed Air

First, cool down the ConsoleConsole before compressed air due to preventive measures. Use a soft brush to clean the dust from the Console’sConsole’s vents. Otherwise, the simple method to clean dust from the console vents is using compressed air. There is no need to open the Console’sConsole’s casing.

PS4 Vertical Position

Sometimes, putting position can cause a loud fan sound. However, the PS4 is designed in a horizontal position, which is the best gaming experience when placed horizontally. You can check it by changing the position vertically. According to players, the PS4’s vertical position can solve the PS4’s loud fan sound.  

Outdated firmware

Check if your PS4 has the latest firmware updates. Sometimes, system updates make improvements in fan control and overall system performance.

Faulty fan

If the fan is malfunctioning, you may need to replace it. It requires opening the PS4, which may void the warranty. If your PS4 is still under warranty, contact Sony for assistance. Otherwise, consider professional repair services or replacing the fan yourself.

Hard drive issues

A failing or fragmented hard drive might cause the system to work harder, increasing fan noise. Consider upgrading to an SSD or replacing the hard drive with a new one. Back up your data before making any changes.

Power supply issues

Ensure that your power supply is stable. A surge protector or a UPS can help protect your PS4 from power fluctuations.

Clean Up the PS4 Console From the Inside

In the end, if your PS4’s loud fan noise is still there, you need to clean the PS4 ConsoleConsole by opening it. So first, unplug the device for a few minutes to avoid the electric shock. Then remove all the Torx screws by using a Torx screwdriver.

Steps are mentioned below to open the PS4 and clean it from the inside:

  1. Remove all outside screws by using a Torx T8 or T9. 
  2. From the back of the PS4, remove all four screws and put aside the plastic cover.
  3. Here, you will see the Console’s fan. Clean all dust properly with a soft brush or compressed air. 
  4. Once done, go over the vents to clear all dust and debris.
  5. Now leave ConsoleConsole open for half an hour to evaporate the excess gas and liquid from the compressed air. 
  6. After half an hour, return the plastic cover with Torx screws. 
  7. Now, turn on the ConsoleConsole and check if the error is removed. 

Note: If your PS4 is warranted and you are facing this issue during the warranty period. Then, it would help if you visited the Authorized Service Centers since they can resolve and fix the error for free.

Final Words

Loud fan noise inside the ConsoleConsole is a critical problem. It comes due to hardware problems and can be resolved as soon as it is detected. The mentioned guidelines help you determine the loud fan noise in your PS4.

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