Octurdle The Best Wordle Game Online Play in 2023

Octurdle game

Wordle is a famous game among millions of people. Wordle has now come with a new addition Octurdle to make the game more exciting. There are other games, Quordle, Dordle, and now Octurdle is taking place, and people love to play it.

It is for those players who want to guess more words, and a player must have to think simultaneously eight different words. After winning the game, you can share your outcomes with other players.

About Octurdle

Octurdle is an online brain-twisting game and is wordle’s spin-off. Kenneth Crawford is the founder of the game. Octurdle can play on both mobile and PC. In this game, a player must guess eight various 5-letter words within 13 attempts. The game consists of eight grids with different words. Solving the puzzle is a bit critical, and players must get all the words wisely. Although Octurdle is a tough game, it also has free games for practice and daily puzzles.  

Various colors in the game help the players quickly solve the puzzle. It is fun when you are in off mood time that makes you relaxed. It is an interesting game. You will definitely wait for a new puzzle when you play it once.

Modes In The Octurdle Game?

The game consists of two modes:

  • Daily Mode: in daily mode, a new puzzle is added to the game daily. Players wait anxiously for the daily puzzle and to solve it.  
  • Free Mode: Free mode is best for new players. Who are on practice now because solving eight different words is quite challenging. So here you can play unlimited games and become the best Octurdle player. 

How To Play Octurdle Game?

  • Open the official web page to play the game.
  • Players enter the letters here that get placed on grids.
  • If the tile color becomes green then you are correct. If the color is yellow, the position is to be changed; if the color is grey, the particular letter does not show in the word.
  • Here you need to move the scroll up and down to know where the letter is and try to guess the word accordingly.
  • You have only 13 attempts to complete the game, so you must try it quickly. So, if you are new, first use the free mode, practice the game properly, and then play the daily mode to win it.  

Final Words

Octurdle is an exciting game for making the free time worthy. Although it is a little difficult initially, you will enjoy it when you try it repeatedly. So to become a fast player, practice the game in free mode and enjoy the game. 


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