Which are the Hearthstone Mercenaries best Teams

hearthstone mercenaries

Hearthstone Mercenaries is a fantastic game and intriguing one that you have never played before. Mercenaries are Hearthstone’s latest game mode. In this game, Mercenaries combines the Permanent RPG progression of iconic Hearthstone characters into new, rogue like elements. It is a free-to-play Hearthstone experience.

While playing the Mercenaries game, gamers can assemble the teams with a collection from their account. The mercenaries collection helps overcome the PVE battles, as they can test their mettle with other players in game mode. The mercenaries make it difficult to be against the opposite team. Mercenaries help players line up their abilities while facing the challenges in the game mode.

Although the adaptation is a fact of game mode, some team compositions and mercenaries are on another level compared to other available options in game mode.

If the mercenary is insufficient for one following team, you can add any other similar role or Stateline.

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Here below are some of the best Hearthstone Mercenaries.

Orc together, strong – Garrosh, Samuro, Thrall, Rokara, Gul’dan, Xyrella


If you want to get your encounters more quickly, the aggressiveness level that can bring on an orc lineup should do the beneficial tricks for you.

Although these orcs have powerful abilities, they become more powerful when teaming up with others. If you miss any team pieces, you should fill spots with other orcs, especially the commands that get stronger teamed up with orcs.

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A healing hand – Cariel Roame, Tirion Fordring, Anduin Wrynn


If you prolong the match, your opponent can make mistakes and even have artificial intelligence. This lineup featuring Tirion Fording, Cariel Roame, and Anduin Wrynn focuses on enduring early games.

Cariel Roame’s Taunt means cannot replace the lineup, and the Tirion and Anduin could swap with other characters; they have potent buffs and heals. Your goal should be to outlast your opponents with this lineup.

With the healing abilities, you can fill the remaining lineup and other humans to complete the team.

Nature must be preserved – Thrall,  Malfurion, Guff, Anacondra, Bru’kan, Brightwing


When we talk about overall damage output, nature mercenaries get overshadowed by some other categories, but you can also put your resources to use.

This team is more potent with this nature-focused team having these abilities. When you start stacking up Nature damage buffs, it makes your weakest members strong and starts hitting like a truck.

If you don’t have any name for this team, you can complete the lineup with mercenaries with the Nature abilities.

By fire be purged – Ragnaros, Cariel, Xyrella, Antonidas, Baron Geddon,  Diablo


Rangnaros is the most famous legendary in Hearthstone, and the charismatic fire monster doesn’t let go of that Mercenaries title. This is the powerful character in-game mode and can take over a game by himself.

Extraordinary abilities are found in his supporting cast, and it is hard to replace them. Suppose you haven’t any mercenaries in this lineup. In that case, you can temporarily replace them with a powerful mercenary until the remaining pieces unlock, but be sure you can pull off the Fire Combos because most of your damage will come from.

Kripparian’s favorite – Anduin, Velen, Xyrella, Bru’kan, Brightwing,


You need the best team if you want farm experience and coins faster that stick to the board. A Velen-buffed Anduin can handle the immense AoE damage by repeatedly healing all lineup.

Velen, Anduin, and Xyrella are the central parts of this team, and with the powerful mercenaries, you can fill the remaining lineup you have at your disposal. Your mercenaries selection, which can handle pressure, can be ideal as it will provide you more space to make mistakes. You should still have room to return with the healing spells more significant number that you will have at your disposal.

Festival of spells – Millhouse, Antonidas, Xyrella, Cariel, Samuro, Tyrande


The Antonidas and Milhouse are the best nukers in the Mercenaries game mode. They need a supporting cast to protect them and to show their true potential, and they also require some time.

The AoE nukes featured in this lineup can seal the deal in matches and clear the early boards, which take longer than expected. Tyrande and Milhouse are given away free to all the gamers. Completing this lineup takes significantly less time.

If you don’t have any pieces, support the Antonidas, Millhouse, and Tyrande with mercenaries, Taunts, or one who can handle the early pressure so your direct damage can have that time to come online.

You can get more information about the competitive lineup for PvP purposes from the updated Mercenaries tournaments, including top-rated Hearthstone players. This is the newest game, so it takes time to find out the strengths and weaknesses of the meta for the players, and you need to make more attempts to come out with a powerful team in the PvP mode of Mercenaries.

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