How to Fix Facebook Logged Out Error

Facebook Logged Out

Why does logged out Facebook

If you log into Facebook with your credentials and it logged you out, here are some simple tips to fix the logged out Facebook error.

Why did Everyone Get Logged out of Facebook

The reasons for this error are various, like maybe another person trying to log into your Facebook account, improper cookie settings, faulty browser cache, Facebook session expired, virus infection or malware. According to these causes, you can apply the fixes mentioned below to fix FB logged out error.

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Remove the cache and cookies

Cache and cookies and cache sometimes create problems. So clear the cookies and cache to fix the error. To remove the cache and cookies, you need to tap on the three dots icon in the chrome browser at the top right corner. Then choose More tools> Clear browsing data, tick the Cookies and other site data and Cached images and files options, tap on the clear data icon to remove the caches and cookies in the Chrome browser.

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Fix the Facebook session expired problem

To identify the Facebook accounts, Facebook uses the sessions within its service or not. As the session expired, Facebook logged you out.

Check the Remember Me option when logging in

If you don’t want to keep logging into the FB account every time, check the Remember Me box when logging into the Fb account. When you are login into your account after clearing the cookies and cache, it will ask for auto-login, accept that if the device you are using only.

Change the Password

If another person is trying to use your facebook account on another device, your account can be hacked. So for online security, you should change your password from time to time.

To change the password, log in to your Facebook account; tap the down-arrow button at the top right corner, tap on Settings & Privacy and tap Settings, tap Security and Login, and tap the Edit icon next to Change Password, then enter a new Facebook account password.

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Update the Facebook App

Facebook logout glitch if the cause of Facebook logged me out randomly issue, then uninstall and reinstall the Facebook App. Go to Settings on your device, and search the Facebook app to uninstall it. Then go to the app store to download and install Facebook again on your device.

Contact to Facebook Help Center

If you have applied all the fixes and the error is still there, you should contact Facebook Help Center for your problem. They can help you to resolve the  Facebook keeps logging me out error.

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