100 Thieves Break into LCS Spring Finals Berth 2022, Pull off the Reverse Sweep Against Liquid

100 thieves

Today’s series was a story of two halves between the 100 Thieves and Team Liquid, in North America battling with the two of the best league of Legends teams for the first spot in the 2022 LCS Spring Finals. Momentum and Mid-series draft adjustment was the game’s name, and Thieves adapted in time to take home the victory.

In the initial two games, 100T strayed away from worked for them across the regular season through the end of the season. Rather than picking a classic front to the back of the compositions, they select a mélange of various champions without many synergies.

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Champions like Sett, Vex and Tryndamere meant that there wasn’t a clear point of engagement for the Thieves, but, as a result, Liquid ran them over efficiently. Bjergsen started a clinic via the initial two games, 22 assists, racking up five kills and two deaths on LeBlanc and Twisted Fate. His star partner, Hans Sama, also had a field day, collecting ten assists and 16 kills without any death.

A 3-0 sweep looked practically unavoidable for Liquid, yet 100T adapted their plan just in time. They provided Ssumday and Closer complete champions to give their team a formidable front line, giving their teamfight enough to remain proactive in team fights. For games three and four, with Ornn and Jarvan IV right in the thick of things, Abbedagge and the FBI were free to deal as much damage as possible.

In the series of last three games, Ssumday completely outperforms Bwipo. Even Abbedagge shook off his lacklustre and initial performances and broke out the perfect wombo-combos on Orianna, on top of the perfect poke as LeBlanc. FBI was the insurance of the team’s late-game with his picture complete team fight positioning, pilling on 17 assists, 12 kills and two deaths in the reverse sweep.

The reigning LCS champions fought with everything they had, and their intelligent drafting and resilience helped them come out victorious. Abbedagge said that the reverse sweep was satisfying “the team that thought they were the best in the league,” mainly losing the first two matches.

100T enter the finals; liquid need to prove qualified to be finalists in their lower bracket matchup against Evil Geniuses or Cloud9. Both teams have shown looks at significance across the series, yet Liquid’s veteran jungler Santorin believes that the latter has the edge tomorrow.

In a post-game press conference, Santorin said, according to Santorin, both EG and C9 are strong teams, and he wants to give a favor to EG. C9 is such a team where don’t know what to expect as their drafts are pretty innovative at times, so it comes down to how they draft during their games tomorrow.

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