How To Fix Minecraft Crossplay PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox (2023)


Minecraft is a fantastic game that you can play with family and friends. You can play the games in multiple ways. The server is the primary tool that connects you with friends and other players also.

One best features of Minecraft is cross-play. Your friends on Xbox, Nintendo Switch, or PlayStation can quickly join you in-game by using A player who has a non-Microsoft version can join you in-game.

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What is enables the users to connect With other Minecraft users and players can play it easily even when they are playing the game on different consoles such as Xbox, switch, smartphones and PC.

Remote connect of multiple devices is accessible via Microsoft’s Crossplay feature.


Why does error occur?

While playing the Minecraft game smoothly, suddenly aka ms remoteconnect pops up, it can be due to various possible explanations. But two are the common reasons that users face.

Corrupt Game

Minecraft has multiple versions. The game may have corrupted files when you play it on various platforms. Corrupted files might happen due to an upgrade or installation because of failed internet connection. Unreliable connection problems also some other server and connection problems.
Aka ms/remoteconnect error due to corrupt game files can be fixed by reinstalling the game with a fast internet connection.

Changing Devices

When you continuously use the Cross play feature on various devices, there is possible to occur the remoteconnect error.
Because switching on different devices is the main cause of the remote error, it is not sure that you will face the error always.

Ways To Fix Error?

How to use it? A code is provided to users on their devices to connect. You need to enter this code at You need to create a Microsoft account also. Then you will be able to play with others.

Minecraft has a lot of features, but many players have complained that while trying to log in to Minecraft, they face multiple issues. Sometimes when you successfully log in to the game, that game shows an error that a problem has occurred.

If you are also facing a Minecraft https // not working, here are the simple fixes you can do easily. Just follow the steps.

From Minecraft Use the Microsoft sign-in code

  • Launch Minecraft and tap on the Sing in access multiplayer option then link the Microsoft account.
  • Now tap on the link and code that you have received I the message enter here.
  • Now open the browser and log into with Microsoft account at
  • Open a new tab in this browser and open the link
  • Here enter the code in new Windows and tap on the Next
  • On the next page, accept the terms and conditions and then press Yes option.

The error should resolve now. When you will signing in with a code, new Microsoft accounts can often appear the https aka ms remoteconnect not working error. You should attempt more than one time to launch the game with code. If this is not working then move to the next solution.

Make Sure The Account is Being Used Only on Once Device

Remote connect enables the users on consoles to connect and play a game, but the Microsoft account is compulsory. You can face the problem if an account uses some other device that you are trying to log in to.

To fix the issue, check all of the accounts that can be using your account. When you have logged out of other all accounts, try logging in now. Otherwise, you have to create a new account from scratch, and then you can play the game.

Create a New Microsoft Account

In case of using any old Microsoft account that you have used on some other device, here you need to create a new account on the new console and sign in with it.
For this go to Microsoft’s official website and create a new account, and this will resolve the not working issue.

Restart the Using Device 

No matter which gaming console you are using to play the game, a PC or smartphone can have temporary file cache bugs that can be fixed simply by restarting the device. This action should resolve the not working issue.

This can be an initial and simple method to fix the error, it is not harmful to the device and works in most cases. This solution is best before going to any other solution.

Might Need to Delete the Minecraft Saved game Files

As reviews show that this has fixed the issue successfully, you should also try it as a final resort. This procedure will remove all your saves, so apply it when nothing else works.

The final and effective solution is to remove the saves and log out of the account. Uninstall the game and then install it again. After this, the game should be run as you want.

Hopefully, these steps will resolve your problem, and you will enjoy your game with friends and family.

Logout Minecraft Account and Reinstall Game

If you have deleted saved game data and still facing the issue, then log out and uninstall the game from your device and reinstall it to fix the not working error.

How to fix not working on Switch?

Here you can also be irritating, but don’t worry, more often than not, you face the https aka ms remoteconnect Nintendo switch error when you attempt to enter the code in the website and get the logout. So here you can do it by trying to log in many times.

How to fix not working on PS4? 

Alternatively, go to to enter the code.
After launching Minecraft simply sign in to the Microsoft account. Enter the code and go to and for more processes follow the on-screen guidelines.


Setup RemoteConnect on your PS4

Sign in to the Microsoft Account and enter the Minecraft code on to resolve the error.

  • Uninstall the Minecraft and sign out of your Microsoft account
  • Go to the Playstation Store, and find Minecraft
  • Download and install the game and start it
  • Open the URL, sign in to your Microsoft account, and enter the Microsoft code.

Enable Cross-Play On Your PS4 

Before starting the process, the Cross-Play feature should be enabled.

  • Start Minecraft on PS4 and PS5 console 
  • Now pause the game and click on Invite to Game. Click on Friend’s menu, then click on the Find Cross Platform friends.
  • Search your friend’s Minecraft ID you want to play with, and click on Add friends.
  • Now wait till your friends accept the invite, then you can play with them. 

How to fix not Working on Xbox


Copy the portal code

As the error occurs on the screen, click on the portal link, and enter the code as the screen show. Once you enter the code, you can play Minecraft without `irritation or error.

  • Go to Minecraft’s settings menu.
  • Then go to the Device and Connections, then Remote Features.
  • Enable the remote features and choose Instant-on.
  • Open the URL, and enter the code on the Xbox screen.

Enable Cross-Play On Xbox

Fix the error by Xbox Cross-Play feature enable.

  • Start Minecraft on your Xbox console
  • Now pause Game, and tap on the invite to Game. Tap on the Friends menu and tap on Find Cross-Platform friends
  • Find friends with their Minecraft ID and then tap on Add Friend.
  • You can join your friends once they accept your invitation.

Setup RemoteConnect on Xbox

Tap on URL https // to setup RemoteConnect on Xbox One.

  • First, Uninstall Minecraft.
  • Go to the Microsoft Store by using Xbox One and find Minecraft, and download the game.
  • Launch the game, and tap on the sign-in icon. The game will sign in to your Microsoft account automatically.


Final Words

To fix the error, reinstall Minecraft and reconnect the Microsoft account. To remove the corrupted game data delete all the saved Minecraft files.
While signing in to a Microsoft account will permanently associate it with your current account for PlayStation Network Xbox or Nintendo Switch.

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