Why My Xfinity Modem Blinking Green, Common Causes and Fixes (2023)

xfinity router blinking green

Xfinity router blinking green is common, which might be the internet connectivity issue. So to resolve the problem, you should first know the causes of the Xfinity Modem Blinking Green issue. Then, the error can easily fix by understating the reason. You are going to know about instant Xfinity Router Blinking Green fixes.

Before going to fixes, know the reasons of

Why Xfinity Router Blinking Green

  • The first and main cause of green light can be an unstable internet connection.
  • It might be due to a server problem or a problem with a connection you are receiving.

Some other possible causes are:

  • Damaged Ethernet cables
  • Issues at the provider’s end
  • Power outage
  • Overwhelmed splitters
  • Wrong Gateway configuration
  • Network overload
  • Hardware issues 
  • Throttling or overheating

These are the common reasons for Xfinity Modem Flashing Green. First, understand the cause and then fix it with the below-mentioned fixes for every probable reason.

How to Fix Xfinity Router Blinking Green

Fix the Damaged Cable

If the cable is damaged or not working properly, remove the cable and reinsert it. Check the other attached cables if all the cables are their relevant ports and outlets.

You can face the Modem blinking green problem if there is any damaged cable. Make sure all cables are properly working to resolve the problem.

Check for the Service Outage

Sometimes ISP needs to shut down for the sake of cable maintenance. Due to maintenance internet connection can be unstable for a short time and make the Xfi gateway blink green. You can check it on your xFI app by following the steps:

  • Open the xFI app
  • Login to your Comcast account
  • Now navigate and find and check the Service Interruption link
  • If there is a problem solved

Router Overload

The overloaded router sometimes causes the green blinking light, restart the router and check to change.

You can use the Xfinity app to restart your Xfinity router from Xfinity website or manually. Manually restarting the router is very simple. You need to disconnect the router from the power, wait for one minute, and then connect it. The green blinking light should be gone on the router boots up.

Other Problems

A technical and hardware glitch is also a cause of the Comcast modem blinking green. In this situation, check if the device is working properly, if not, try to replace it with a new device.

If all the fixes are not working, then apply these short solutions.

Power cycle your device by switching it off for 2, or 3 minutes.

By using the pin-like icon in the rear reset the device

Contact to Xfinity support office to resolve the issue

Closing Thoughts

Here is all about the Xfinity gateway blinking green causes and solutions so you can identify the exact reason for affecting your device. Once you know the reason, apply the fixes to get your device back to its working state.


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