Wpit18 Dashboard-Registration, Login and How to Use Guide


Online earning is now the most significant source of earning in many countries. So many websites are working on this task, and Wpit18 is one of them that facilitates users to make money online. Wpit18 login is also known as  wpc2021.

Wpit18.com is a Philippine online registration portal for rooster fights. Cockfighting lovers take place in events through this website and get rewards and earn money. To use this portal, you need to register on the website and log in, so here is detailed information that enables you to use the portal without any irritation.

First, we need to know about Wpit18.com shortly, and we will discuss all its features and procedures.

About Wpit18.com

Wpit.18 or wpc2021 is a lower version of the Wold Pitmasters Cup, and this event takes place in the Philippines. This is a cockfighting game. Many countries or people didn’t favour this game due to animal cruelty. But still, in many countries, rooster fighting games are allowed.

In this rooster game, people participate and bet on the roosters. Cockfighting events are widely famous in the Philippines, and roosters are made to fight each other in a ring. To join Wpit18 sabong, you must follow some rules mentioned below.

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How to Participate in Wpit18

WPC is held in the Philippines, and people worldwide occur in Wpit18 2027. Before joining, you should know about the website’s rules and regulations mentioned below.

  1. You have to register first to participate in Wpit18 2029 or Wpit18 2027
  2. You can stream the cock fight live on Wpit18 Com.
  3. Wpit18 Sabong lives to make the game secure and prosperous.
  4. Rules and regulations are necessary to join the wpit18
  5. You have to complete the wpit18 com registration process before the event starts
  6. After the Wpit18 login, players that participate with their cocks have allowed a specific time by the referee, and the winner wins the prize.

How to Wpit18 com Register

Wpit18 registration is quite a simple and easy process for all new and old users. Just follow the procedure below to register and join the Wpit182027 games.

  • Open the official webpage of https //wpc2029.live and register.
  • On the wpit18 com registration Philippines, you will be asked to enter your username and password.
  • After that, tap on the Sign in to your account option.

If you are new and don’t have credentials, then follow these steps to get registered:

  • Open the wpit18 l dashboard login page.
  • Tap on Contact Us.

WhatsApp and Viber numbers will be mentioned in the wpit18 online sabong dashboard.

Why Wpit18 is Banned

Wpit18 tournament is a fight to the death. When birds fight, they bleed, get cut, and even die, so many countries have banned it because most people cannot see this dangerous game as pets poorly injured. 

What People Say About Wpit18

Some users say the website is not loading correctly and has other issues. While opening the website, an error message occurs every time. But the website’s Facebook page is properly maintained and provides all the details about Wpit18 com registration and prizes that will be given to the players.

Final words

Wpit18 is a game where birds fight against each other, and people use them to earn money. This website is banned in many countries due to birds fighting, dying, and bleeding. NGOs are also working to ban it word wide. It is a wrong deed to be cruel to animals and birds. 

After a bloody fight, there is no confirmation that you will earn money after winning. So we should all avoid participating in such things.  


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