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www xxl com r134a réfrigérant price r134a réfrigérant charge, r 134a refrigerant charger price is mainly used in the refrigerator circuit, or heat pump has some commercial and industrial applications. It is a substance or compound which goes through a phase transition from a liquid to a gas and back to a liquid.

What is Tetrafluoroethane(CF3CH2F)

Tetrafluoroethane(CF3CH2F) is the other name of R134a from the refrigerator family. Many alternatives are used, and their influence on global warming and Ozone depletion has caused them to lose ground. So the most famous and most used refrigerator of this time is the R134a, which is available for various applications by leading refrigerator suppliers. So the extraordinary impact of the CHCs and HCFCs refrigerators on the ozone layer, the family of HFC refrigerators has been used in large numbers in their places.

Also read about: Wwwxxl Com R134a Refrigerant Price r134a réfrigérant chart and fearures are mentioned below: 

  • R134a is non-corrosive, nontoxic and non-flammable.
  • R134a has a great vaporization temperature.
  • The R134a has a 15.34 degree Fahrenheit boiling point (26.3 degrees Celsius), making it approachable in the gas form when exposed to nature. The boiling point of the refrigerator causes it desirable as it should be below the target temperature. 
  • The default temperature of the R134a is 1418 degrees Fahrenheit or 122 degrees Celsius.


Its critical temperature is R134a is 253 degrees Fahrenheit or 122 Celsius. 


  • The internationally demanded R134a on the fridge cylinder colour code on the fridge is light blue. 
  • It has a moderate quantity of liquid.
  • The water solubility of R134a is 0.11% by weight at 77 degrees Fahrenheit(25 degrees Celsius).
  • It has features that decrease the Ozone layer, that’s why it gained popularity as the best substitute for dichlorodifluoromethane (R-12), which was famous for harming the Ozone layer. 
  • The refrigerator has low acidification potential.
  • It is a GWP(global warming potential) of 1300 capacity. GWP is the estimated value of heat trapped in the atmosphere by heat gas. 
  • Its feature of misalignment, and low molecular weight, at water temperature at room temperature make it an industrial solvent in commercial industries. 
  • The R134a is with best electrolyte properties. It has a low boiling point, high thermal stability, and chemical resistance compared to the used materials. A power outage can be prevented by using a diesel device in its gas state. 

In the refrigerator, it is now used instead of R-12 CFC instead of a rotating screw, centrifugal, scroll, and rest compressors. It can easily use due to its non-destructive, nontoxic features. 

It is widely used in new automotive vehicles’ air conditioning systems. The pharmaceutical industry uses it as fuel, and the manufacturing industry uses it to blast plastic bubbles. 

The R134a is not 100% compatible with the currently used R-12 and mineral-based refrigerators. In the condenser and evaporator design, changes must be made to use this refrigerator. The usage of small pipes and an increase of 30% in regulatory pressure rules must be made in system Leak Detection. 

    If you are interested in R-134a in an air conditioning system, you should follow the five steps. The simple and costly way is to use a soap solution. To do this, the workshops can use sophisticated equipment. Some of the forms are mentioned here. 

  1. Gift solution
  2. Selective Halogen detectors
  3. Fluorescent dye
  4. Ultrasonic leaking machines
  5. Selective Halogen detectors

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