How to Buy Codashop Valorant Points

How to purcahse valorant codashop points

CodaShop is a third-party website that brings you multiple services and top-ups for games. The website is collaborating with Riot Games, and by using it, the players can buy premium currency for Valotant and other titles from publishers. This website is secure and approved by Riot Games. Players can buy Codashop Valorant Points with local money. And the cost of Valorant Points in Codashop and in-game is exact. You can purchase Volarant Points via Codashop with the option of local payment that is not accessible in-game.

How to Buy Valorant Points from Codashop

Topping up VALORANT Points at Codashop is simple, safe, and convenient. Follow the steps and the Points will be added to your account in a few seconds.

  • Codashop official website at:
  • Enter your Riot ID.
  • Choose the number of Points you want to purchase.
  • Choose the payment method you want.
  • Tap on the “Buy Now” button to complete the transaction.
  • After completing the payment process, VALORANT Points will be credited to your game account.

Valorant points

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Valorant Points cost?

The value of Valorant Points is according to any country’s currency rate, and exchange rate, including taxes also. These points can use to buy cosmetics products. Valorant is free of cost, you can play it without spending a penny, but if you want to support the game or like to purchase cosmetics, you can spend on it.

The Value of Valorant Points in USD is as:

  1. 11,000 VP – $99.99
  2. 5,350 VP – $49.99
  3. 3,650 VP – $34.99
  4. 2,050 VP – $19.99
  5. 1,000 VP – $9.99
  6. 475 VP – $4.99

You have to get the premium cash from the in-game store because you cannot get the Radianite on Codoshop.  

Closing Thoughts 

You can buy Valorant Points in seconds with Codashop by using Riot ID and your wanted payment method. This guideline is helpful for you to purchase it simply without any irritation because it is a simple process. So purchase and enjoy.

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