What is Malding? What Does Malding Meaning in Twitch Chat

malding meaning in twitch

One thing that is getting popularity in Twitch chat over the past year so is Malding. Malding is a term for Twitch chat. Usually, this term is not specific to any emote, but this common term is not only for streaming networks but video games in general. So here we will discuss what actually is malding meaning in twitch chat.

What is Malding Meaning

The Malding meaning in Twitch presents two different words, mad and balding. So Malding, meaning in twitch chat is that you are looking mad and balding simultaneously. Malding term is used in Twitch kiddingly for the people who seem mad and start going bald. Malding is a portmanteau word in twitch chat. When two words represent to form a new word, called a portmanteau word, here we will learn about the word popularity in different peoples and how it originated in Twitch.

This word is present in Urban Dictionary since 2011, and people have been using it since 2004. Malding word is seen as a part of Twitch lingo.

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How did Malding Become Popular in Twitch chat?

The word Mald get popularity from Forsen and Forsenboys community. Forsen is a famous Twitch streamer and the most famous streamer on the Twitch platform. He earned his success while streaming Hearthstone from 2015-to 2016. In 2019, his viewers were getting mad at his performance in a game. People start being spammed his chat with so mad, so bald, so bad. Eventually, it developed into So bald, so mald, and the term mald was popularized on Twitch.

After getting popularity malding word in Twitch chat, Ganondorf69, a Redditor, posted an image of Forsen and asked to upvote the image to the community. Google will show this query in search results when people would search for Mald.  

A video known as The Malding of Twitch which shows the most well-known Twitch streamers with bald spots was posted in June 2019. A streamer, Nymm, posted a video in July 2019 where he told about the whole origin of Malding. Malding in Twitch chat has spread to the entirety of Twitch, not only restricted to Foresen’s community.

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