How to Use Valorant Store Checker Website?

valorant store checker
  • On the Valorant Store website, you can check the available skins in the store.
  • You need to register on the website to get the shop services; that can be risky. 
  • You should use the website at your own risk because Riot Games do not approve the site. 

With Valorant Store Checker, you can use it to see in-game online shop. A unique selection of skins for players is available via Night Market that Riot Games constantly adds. You can also visit an online shop to see what new is available in-store when you are not playing Valorant. Valorant Store Checker is a community-made website; by using it, you can look at the in-game store without any login. 

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How to Use Valorant Store Checker

Use the Valorant Store Checker with these simple steps

  • Open the website
  • Tap on the Home to see what current bundle is available in store
  • Go to the Daily Store
  • Enter your login credentials
  • See what skins are there for your account.

Remember: Valorant Store is not approved by Riot Games. So you can use account details on your own on a third party website.

Valorant Store Checker accesses your info and shows you the available items in your shop using the Riot Games API. You don’t need to use personal information; you can see the skin prices and bundle items without login. If you want to see your daily store, the website will use the username and password of your account. If you’re going to use the Valorant Store Checker, you must have two-factor authentication enabled.

Enable two-factor-authentication in this way:

  • Log in to your Riot account page.
  • Navigate to Sign-In, then the Security tab.
  • Find the 2-factor authentication card.
  • Tap on the Resend email button.
  • Go to your connected email inbox.
  • Search and open MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) email you just received from Riot games. (check the spam folder also)
  • Tap the Enable Two-Factor Authentication icon from the email. 
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