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Causes of Error?

All the links of are not accessible in all regions as it is not compatible. The error code occurs due to many causes.

Some websites use clicks ads like text open a new tab displaying the ads. So on different Windows, you will face the error on the Firestick device. Unavailability of the requested page is also another cause of this error.

If a 404 error appears, you will get the Error on your Firestick device. So if the website is blocked in your region or not accessible due to technical server errors, it shows the error message.

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How to Fix Error on Firestick for Kodi Error on Kodi can fix quickly with some easy solutions. These solutions will also keep you safe from future share errors on the home screen. So apply these solutions and get rid of the error.

Fix With URL Resolver

With URL resolver, this issue can efficiently resolve on Firestick. Just install the URL resolver. It will disable the specific sources/links on the device in real-time of the scrapping. Follow the steps below to install the URL resolver addon on Kodi and how to apply it to fix the error code.

How to Install Universal URL Resolver on FireStick from Kodi 

1. Open Kodi on the Firestick settings

kodi firestick


2. From the Kodi home screen, tap on settings.

kodi firesticks

3. Move to the “File Manager” tab from the menu.

4. Tap on “Add Source.”

5. Choose None

6. Enter URL in the first box, and the second text field, enter Universal URL Resolver.

7. Move back to Home and tap on Settings.

8. Here Open Addons

9. Tap on the Install from zip file.

10. Select Universal URL Resolver

11. Open the Kodi Scripts Folder

12. Enter

13. Wait till the addon enabled notification.

Fix the video share pair error using the Universal URL Resolver on Firestick. Follow the steps and do it. 

1. Open Kodi in Firestick Settings

2. Tap on Settings

3. Open the System Settings

4. Select Expert Mode

5. From the addons section, choose “Manage Dependencies”.

6. Find out the “URL Resolver” addon from the addons list. 

7. Open Universal URL Resolver

8. Choose Configure from addon

9. From the list of all the URL Resolvers, find the vshare.EU and disable it

All done

Fix Error in Kodi with Direct Authentication

Share errors on Kodi can resolve with direct authentication. Apply these steps to fix the error.

1. Launch Kodi

2. Tap on the left side menu and go to Add-ons.

3. Tap on any video addon installed on your device.

4. Open it and tap on the Video you want.

5. The addon will find out the relevant sources.

6. Tap on a “share link”, then choose the video server.

7. Once you choose the server, a popup with the heading “ Stream Authorization” will appear and asks “To Play This Video Stream Authorization Required….”

8. Here, minimize the Kodi media player with the remote centre icon; use your device browser and enter

9. On the video-sharing screen, see if the IP address is the same as the computer, then tap on “Active Streaming”.

10. If the IP address is different, use Firestick browser instead of another web browser.

11. After taping the “Active Streaming”, Captcha will appear for security purposes.

12. After solving Captcha, a screen will appear with the device’s IP address; make sure it is the same as the previous step.

13. Now tap on the “Pair vshare.EU” again click on “Active Streaming” to pair the device successfully.

14. All done. 

Fix Error by Disable the Hosters & Captchas

If you have applied all fixes and errors are still there, then use this solution to resolve the standard Kodi error. For this, disable all the websites that contain Captcha. Follow the steps to do this:

1. Open Kodi from the Firestick

2. Open Addons

3. Choose Video addons from the list

4. Tap any addon on your choice

5. Go down now and tap on Settings

6. After tapping on Settings, move to “Playback Settings”.

7. In the “Playback”, tap on “Hosters with Captchas” and disable it

8. All done.

After these changes, an error will not appear again. However, disabling Captchas and Hosting can slow down the internet connection or give you some broken links.


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