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recall outlook email

This is common, sometimes you send an email to someone in Microsoft outlook by mistake or another email you don’t want to send, or an incomplete message. It realizes after sending the email, but this is not a big problem now. You can fix this error in the outlook recall email. An Outlook message can be recalled by using the proper condition of the recall feature, and you can remove the sent email before seeing the recipient. An alternative message can also be sent with the correct information.

Recall features can be used with some requirements for proper working. Recall an email in Outlook if the sender and receiver have a Microsoft 365 Business account or have a Microsoft Exchange email account in the same companies. Like the similar Exchange system on the backend. The email has been delivered to the recipient’s mail server but not yet have been seen it.

If you use different emails client or backend systems you and recipient, or you are unable to outlook recall email before it’s been seen, you can use the recall feature for a purpose.  If the first email is still there and won’t be deleted, you can send a follow-up message to the recipient that will indicate that you want to recall the previous email. That tells them that the sent email is invalid or incorrect for some causes.  So here, you can follow up on the initial email and recall the message with the correct information with another email.

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How to Recall an Email in Outlook

For this, Start Outlook. A new email starts and addresses it to the recipient. Now email send

Step A to Recall Outlook Email

Find out the email you want to recall in the sent items folder. The email will be at the top of the send folder list. First, open it thoroughly before going to the next step.

Step B to Recall Outlook Email

Make a click on the Message icon on the toolbar to open it. Now go to the Move section and click on the More Move Actions icon to appear with an envelope or letter.

Step C to Recall Outlook Email

Now click on Recall This Message from the drop-down list.  (in case of using the simplified version of the ribbon: choose the message tab, select icon with three dots, select action and then select the Recall This Message)

Step D to Recall Outlook Email

A window pop-up will show on the screen and give you two options: Delete Unread Copies of This Message or Delete Unread Copies and Replace With a New Message. An option will also appear to have Outlook notify you about the process fails or succeeds. 

Choose your option and to continue, tap the OK icon

If the email has been deleted, then good. If you want to replace, then apply this option.

Step E to Recall Outlook Email

If you want to create a replacement, Outlook will open a second screen to revise the message. When you compose the new email, Outlook recalls the previous message and shows a notification (if selected the option).  After completing the revised message, click on send icon.

Remember it: If you send a recall message, your previous statement doesn’t exactly disappear. If you want the original email to disappear, the recipient may be required to open the recall message. So you type Important, Urgent, or something like this in the title of the recall message, so the recipient opens this email at priority base. Microsoft also provides an option in some cases, and you can notify a recipient when recall messages are removed from their Inbox. So the recipient may still know what type of message has been sent to them although they still do not see it.  

How to Fix if Email Recall doesn’t work

Although it’s a pretty simple process to recall, an email is not always as works as you want. Due to internet speed, some emails have already been stuck for a long time in the mailbox, and it can cause different problems. Some factors will disorder the attempts to recall an email. Here are some best tips to help you out in this situation.

Seen messages: if the recipient has seen the original email, you cannot recall it. The recipient can still receive and see the second recall email, and the original one stays in the Outlook inbox. So here you should act quickly. 

The message is not in Inbox: if the first email activated a filter and is present in another specific folder, this is difficult to recall it. The recall option only applies to the emails are remaining in the Inbox.

Shared folders: If the messages are reading by another person in a shared folder, you cannot recall them.

Other emails: Outlook recalls the message when both sender and recipient are using the Outlook email; if one uses different email services like Gmail or other, you cannot recall the message.

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