How to Fix Free msg Unable to Send Message Message Blocking is Active

message blocking is active

While sending a message to a phone, you may receive the error message by saying: free msg: unable to send Message – message blocking is active.

This error occurs on iPhone and Android phones; T-Mobile users may see it after sending a message.

What is meant by the Error message Blocking is Active?

When you face  Free Msg: Unable to send Message – Message Blocking is active after sending a message on T-Mobile, Android or iPhone. You are using the contact number to Blacklist or block your device from sending a message to that contact. If the receiver cannot receive your Message, make sure the email or contact number is correct.

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Causes for Message Blocking are Active

Down Service: you cannot send the Message; if the provider’s service is down and the error message blocking is active. This is a temporary problem, and the provider will resolve it within no time.

Contact number blocklist: If you have added the contact number to the block list, you cannot send a message to that contact.

Premium message access is disabled: if your device cannot send or receive premium SMS messages, then the error occurs when you want to send a premium message.

Shortcode problem in T-Mobile: Mostly error occurs on T-Mobile due to shortcodes set to block. T-mobile support can only resolve this error.

Moreover, you can apply these fixes to fix the error:

Remove contact from Blacklist

From the android mobile, go to the settings, then messages and then Blocked, Edit. If the target contact number is showing in the list, tap Unblock next to remove it from Blacklist.

If you are blocked and don’t know about it, then make a call to that number and check if the call is established. Or use any other method of communication to make a confirmation.

Allow the Premium Message Access

  • From the top of the device, swipe the notification panel down.
  • Click the Setting button (on the top-right side of the screen, the gear button).

message blocking is active

  • Move to Apps > Apps.

Clicking on the “Apps” option

  • Tap the 3-dot menu, then choose Special access.

special access

  • Click Premium SMS Access.

premium sms access

  • Click Message and then click Ask.

premium ask

After this process, try to send a message and check if the error is resolved or not.

Contact Support for Help

If these fixes are not working and you are still facing the error, you should contact the service provider’s support. The experts find out the problem and resolve the issue.

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