Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector. Fixes 2023

Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector

Today a complete kind of smartphone is the iPhone. Its features are lovable for all iOS users and are simple to use. The patented Lightning connector is another feature that receives more power than an Android charger (USB micro-B).

Some iPhone users are facing a Lightning connector error with their phones. One error is moisture or water getting inside the phone’s charging port. So you will know briefly the causes of Liquid or water detected in the phone’s charging port and how you can fix it easily.

Causes of Liquid Detected in My iPhone’s Lightning Connector?

The iPhone charging port is also called the Lightning connector or Lightning port because it’s compatible with Lightning cable only. The Lightning port is the only way for moisture or liquids besides submerging the phone in water.

Note it: On the error message, an Emergency Override option will show; this prompts you to continue charging your phone even if it detects moisture inside the phone port. So avoid doing this because it can damage hardware and cause corrosion inside the connector.

In the case of Lightning connector moist, you will face the following error on the screen:

Charging Not Available: Liquid has been detected in the Lightning connector. Disconnect to allow the connector to dry. Charging now may damage your iPhone.

Mostly this error affects the iPhone models XS or higher. Here are some causes of this error once you connect the Lightning cable:


If your phone is left out in the rain, it will wet the Lightning connector, besides the Home button and screen.


When you leave your phone in a humid environment, it gets moisture from the wet air compared to the average room temperature. A lightning connector is a place where water can seep in.

Spilled Drinks or Water

If the phone is near a drink or splits Liquid, the Lightning connector can get wet, especially when it faces the container.

If your phone has been affected by one of these situations, then your phone will show Liquid detected in the Lightning connector error on the screen. The simple solution to this error is to dry the phone’s charging port.

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How to Dry iPhone Charging Port

Drying the iPhone’s charging port is a simple solution to avoid the liquid detected in the Lightning connector error. When you are in a room-temperature environment, follow these solutions to dry the iPhone’s charging port.

  • Unplug the mobile from all attachments, external cables, and accessories.
  • Carry the phone with the Lightning connector facing down.
  • Now, smoothly with the palm of your hand, tap on the phone to help moisture escape the connector.
  • Leave your phone for thirty minutes in a well-ventilated environment to let the remaining moisture dry.
  • After thirty minutes, plug in the phone for charging and see if the error still appears.

If the error is still, repeat the fixes process and check it. You can also inspect the phone’s charging port using a flashlight. With a flashlight, check the wet substances and debris; if found something there, pry out the wet debris carefully with a small pin.

If the error persists and these fixes are not working, apply this solution.

Use A Wireless Charger

The alternative method to charge the phone is to set it wirelessly. iPhone model 8,8 plus and greater can charge wirelessly. Apple’s MagSafe charger is a safe way of charging the iPhone without using its Lightning connector.

You can also check for other available online aftermarket versions. That can help you charge the phone wirelessly while drying the iPhone’s Lightning connector.

Final Words

Charging ports play an essential role in powering up the phone’s battery. Your iPhone’s Lightning connector can get wet in many situations. These solutions resolve the “Liquid has been detected in the Lightning connector” error. Contact Apple Support for assistance if an error with a dry Lightning port is still there.

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